The Mother of all Misinformations and Cover-ups
The Issue of Kuwaiti Premature Babies Dying Because of Iraqi Soldiers Pulling Incubators

January 21, 1992

Though I am in the middle of my book about the Gulf Crisis titled “The Mother of all miscalculations and the Thyroid Connection”, and had I chose another name for the book, it would have been “The Mother of All Misinformations and Cover—Ups” and nothing so clearly demonstrates this as the issue of the Kuwaiti babies who died because the Iraqis pulled the incubators and shipped them to Baghdad.

I watched “20, 20” on ABC on Friday, January 17, 1992 reported by John Martin, which basically refutes those allegations of atrocities demonstrating how the Bush Administration used this misinformation and deception to brain wash the American people and prepare them for war. Unfortunately, though I met tens of reporters during my two trips to Baghdad and Kuwait, apparently John Martin was not one of them, and when I called the producers of “20, 20” in New Your on Jan. 17, 92, and explained to his office how I went to Kuwait twice and knew about those issues, they regretted that it was too late to include any more interviews in the program, but they asked me to send a statement, or any comment that could be read and for this reason I find myself in a moral obligation to issue this statement.

As the Chairman of Arab—Americans Against Military Intervention in the Gu4, I traveled to Baghdad by the end of August 1990 and I was able to convince the Iraqi Minister of Information to let me go to Kuwait and use a Video camera, which I did. As is well known, no reporter or any news media was allowed to go into Kuwait. Since I did not have experience in Video, Mr. Doug James of CNN and the producer, Ingrid showed me how to use a camcorder they lent me. I arrived in Kuwait in September 5, 1990 and remained until September 15, 1990. As a physician I had particular interest in doing some interviews about those alleged atrocities in hospitals, premature babies dying. I went to two hospitals, one of them the biggest general hospital in Kuwait, Mobarak Al Sabah General Hospital, at the time renamed as Saddam Hospital. In that video, I interviewed the Director of the hospital, Dr. Yousef. who was a Kuwaiti Physician. I asked him specifically about those alleged atrocities and he told me it was not true. I asked other doctors who are known to have practiced in Kuwait for a long time, and every one of them denied that it ever happened. I held an international press conference in Amman, Jordan after my return with more than 100 reporters and almost all the news media. I specifically reported to them that there was no truth to the allegations that the Iraqi pulled the incubators, since I saw many incubators intact, many dialysis machines and others which are still in operation, and others were stored in other rooms. I showed them the video. The reporter who took the Video and interviewed me originally was Tom Mintier of CNN. Unfortunately, this reporter, who vent back to Kuwait after the expulsion of the Iraqi, has still continued in that allegation in spite of having the video and in spite of my interview to the contrary of these allegation

Furthermore, when I came to the United States by the end of September 1990, I held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., many of the News Media, including ABC were present. Again, nothing was reported in the national news about this. When I returned to my state, The State Of Washington, I had many interviews in Seattle and Spokane. including the three major networks, by many newspapers including the P1 of Seattle. I specifically mentioned about this issue and there was no truth to that allegation. The video which I shot in Kuwait was shown over and over again. When the Human Rights Caucus of Congress was holding the meeting. I talked to an assistant to Congressman Tom Lantos and sent him a letter about those alleged atrocities in Kuwait and asked him to appear before his commission, but I received no answer, nor was I invited. Indeed I challenged some of those ladies who testified against the Iraqis for alleged atrocities and rape were liars as my Niece who is married to a Kuwaiti told me that she knew some of them, who were alcoholics and liars.

When my Congressman, Sid Morrison, came back to the district, I talked to him personally, and I asked him • I could not appear before Mr. Tom Lantos. He promised that he would get in touch with the co—chairman, the Republican, to allow me to appear before him, but again I never heard anything from him. In November 29, when the General Assembly voted to give Iraq a deadline of January 15, 1991, I was at the United Nations. I held a press conference and shoved the Video, I refuted those allegations, and I challenged the so called Kuwait doctor to produce the names and give more evidence. I sent a letter to the White House, to Mr. John Sununu about those alleged atrocities. I never received any answer. I sent letters to George Mitchell and to Congresswoman Patricia Schrader and others indicating that there was no truth to those allegations. I even contacted Amnesty International and again, nothing was done.

On my second trip to Baghdad, when I attended the Islamic conference held between Jan. 9 and 11, 1991 and after the conference, I went again to Kuwait and used my own video this time, to go to the Al Adan Hospital, which is out of Kuwait City, where the atrocities happened, I took a copy of the report by U.S. New and World Report’s David Jurgens, with some details about how many babies died in that hospital because of the Iraqi pulling the incubators. I interviewed the pediatrician who worked in that ward for the last 7 years, I talked to the Philipino nurse who is in charge of the premature babies, and both of them indicated to me, on the video, that there was no truth to those allegations. I copied the register book, Hospital daily log, which showed the babies born and the cause of death during August 1990, showing that only one died, because of heart problems. I left Kuwait 6 hours before the war started and I survived 3 nights of heavy bombardment in the suburb of Baghdad, then when I arrived in Jordan, I held another international press conference, I made copies of this register book, and distributed them at the press conference in Amman, Jordan. I was interviewed by Jordanian news paper in Arabic, and on English TV program, I indicated that there was no truth to those allegations, I showed the new video and when I arrived in Washington D.C. by the end of January, 1991, I held a press conference at the national Press Club in Washington D. C. and again this issue was raised. I could not believe that with all those 5 international press conferences, with one in the Untied nations, tens of interviews by radio, TV, and new papers, that this issue did not come to the headlines, or at the national level that was so critical and so important that President Bush and others in Congress and in the Administration over and over again to brainwash the American people. Isn’t this the ultimate misinformation and cover—up? From conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats, I believe President Bush owes it to the American people to tell the truth, didn’t he get any accurate information about this?

I would like to compliment John Martin who first reported his findings, and I have no doubt that the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador is a liar, I don’t believe she was in Kuwait at the time. The same with the so called Kuwaiti doctor, I do not believe he buried any child. It is so unfortunate that this truth came out after many distortions.

Mohammad Said, M.D.