Letter to Shariar Rouhani

March 7, 1979

Iranian Islamic Republic

Washington D.C.

Dear Br. Rouhani,

I write to you for the first time. I met you in the past at one of the Islamic Conventions.

As secretary of the IMA, we had been in the front line since the beginning of the Revolution and we sent several telegrams early. I have been in touch with my brother from Canada. I am enclosing copies of his letters and telegrams.

As you will notice we have been involved deeply in the question of the holy land of Palestine to defeat the Camp David sellout. I met king Khaled in person and gave him a very strong letter on behalf of the Muslim organizations in North America.

Dear Brother:

The Islamic Revolution in Iran belongs to all Muslims. It gave us a hope after despair what we have seen: prominent Arab leaders are selling thier heritage, their principles, their soul the evil as the Shah did. We are very anxious and ready to defend the revolution against all enemies which are very many; East, West, and many of the unbelievers.

I would like to know if I can fit somewhere, if we could coordinate our efforts.

Back in September of 1978 I was planning to close my office and send my wife and the two kids back to Syria in order to join Imam Khomeini in Paris. The only deterrent was being a Palestinian would have created problems in that particular moment.

Now I am ready and many other brothers to join the revolution until final victory for Islam.

I am writing to you because we are planning to form a delegation to go to Iran and meet Imam Khomeini. What do you think?

Dear Brother:

This Revolution will be the beginning to carry out the message of Islam to everywhere, including the Arab governments which are corrupt, in the hands of either the East or the West.

I would like to meet you in person and discuss with you many other things.

May Allah bless you,

Your Brother,

Mohammad Said, M.D.

Secretary IMA