Letter to President Obama August 16 2010

In The Name Of God, Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace
Dr. Mohammad H. Said (M.D., Ph D., MPH)
Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Geriatric & Preventive Medicine
P.O.Box 40, 524 E. Division, Ephrata, WA 98823

Monday, August 16, 2010 — Ramadan 6-1431

President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President:

It will be a miracle if I will be able to meet with you tomorrow in Seattle and deliver this letter personally. It will save me $5,000 as during my campaign for the U.S. Senate this year under a new party I established with the name of the “Centrist” party, a recorded message of 4 minutes in Central University in Ellensburg which was aired in 10 counties, I offered anybody who will deliver you this letter or similar will get $5,000 and his/her name will be named in a small street in my village, Burin, which lies at the outskirt of the Mt. Gerizim which is the blessed mountain in the Old Testament. Hopefully at my proposal next year, the village will start naming the streets and I’ll propose your name.

Mr. President, by meeting you my vision will be fulfilled as I saw you in my dream at the White House on February 7, 2008 after I watched a documentary “Prince Among Slaves”. A prince from Africa was enslaved in Mississippi. When he asked for help and met with President John Quincy Adams at the White House in 1826 to free his children, the president refused to help him. He, then, died shortly after he arrived in Liberia with malaria on his way to his ancestor land in Timbuktu, Mali without his children present. That caused tears to come out of my eyes and I prayed to Almighty God to help you get elected and change this entire scenario and redeem the suffering inflicted on the African American slaves. Then I decided to attend my caucus 2 days later and I became your delegate. I declared in my caucus about how I had that vision and that you would be elected president of the United States. I had a strategy that I would get you the Latino votes in Texas with the help of my patients who are Latinos and had many friends and relatives in Texas. I took off and was on time, February 16, 2008, to attend the inauguration of your headquarters in Dallas, Texas and headed to the southern part of Texas and at the same time I published a letter addressed to the Muslim community in Texas in the largest Arabic newspaper, “Al Madar”, in Houston supporting you. When you came to the Gulf of Mexico for a breakfast with the preachers in Brownsville on February 29, 2008, I was only 20 miles away. When your field organizer in Brownsville, Bryan Pacheco, told me about your arrival, I had a very good chance to meet with you and talk to you. However, after some kind of intensive deliberation with myself, I decided not to go in order to protect your campaign as I am a Palestinian with Islamic faith who had been calling for a secular state in Palestine. That could have probably caused problems for your campaign and I simply did not want to be 5 minutes negative in the news media. I thought I would be meeting you at the White House. Unfortunately, I found the White House is very far from being transparent. It is maybe transparent for other people but not for me as an American of Palestinian background.

Mr. President, I have 16 letters addressed to you in my computer saved which deals with everything you might think of from foreign policy to energy to health care to social security, everything you can think of. I believe Almighty God gave me the wisdom and the knowledge to know lots of things about those matters with the exception of rock music and sports, which I did not deal with. When the letters are typed and edited (they probably will exceed 500 pages), they will be published in a book with a title of “Letters to the President” as most of those letters are audio in my computer and some were during your campaign.

Mr. President, after you read my 2 letters emailed to the White House on my website, you will conclude that with the Grace of God I am an expert of the experts when dealing with the issues such as relationship with the Muslim world and the healthcare. I always thought that I might end up being your Special Envoy to the Muslim world and help tremendously for healthcare which would be universal for the basic – with a combination of private and public. Unfortunately, every time I sent a letter via email all I received from the White House is a statement saying, thank you for your email but we cannot answer individually then at the end they say donate as if the issue was simply donation to collect more money. Your advisors seem more concentrated on collection as if they are running a campaign for election and not for the President of the United States.

Mr. President, I don’t think that your advisors have done a good job in matters at least related to foreign policy and national security. On the 26th of January I was summoned on a very short notice to go to Washington DC to appear in an extraordinary program called “Opposing Views” which is one of the most popular programs in the Arab world. It is watched generally by 90 million live audiences. I was summoned to debate with a scholar and a journalist from Lebanon with the name of Kamal Shatila about your Presidency. The survey in the Arab world was devastating as when they asked about Obama and if he is no different from Bush, 76% agreed which would dash the hope of tens of millions of people. I tried to educate the audience about our political system and passionately defended you that you are different from President Bush but you should be given more time. Also, for the first time President Obama is not on a war against Islam or against Muslims. He is against extremists which even the vast majority of the Muslim community are also against those extremist.

That survey if not refuted would be very dangerous because it gives those extremists to do violent acts against the United States on the justification that there have been no changes by electing you as president. I believe I succeeded. However, I am not going into details because all of that 50 minute debate can be found on opp@AlJazeera.net on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 and my emailed letters on my website.

I am also including copies of some of the important letters.

Dr. Mohammad H. Said/cmr