Letter to Dr. Said from Congressman Mark Andrews concerning Iranian Crisis

November 16, 1979

Dr. Mohammad Said
106 North Main
Hankinson, North Dakota 58041

Dear Dr. Said:

Just a note to thank you for letting me know what you’re trying to
do to cool the very bad situation with the Iranian students holding
many Americans hostage. Bill Wright, my administrative assistant,
has filled me in on your efforts and I commend you.

Dr. Said, the proposal of you and other Iranian-American physicians
to examine the Shah, and then report on his condition, is certainly
constructive and could be very helpful. Even the medical reports on
him are contradictory and confusing. I suppose the doctors who are
attending him would be a little touchy about other physicians being
admitted to the case, but that’s something our State Department might
be able to help work out.

In any event, thanks again for telling me of your efforts. Obviously, I
share your great concern over these people penned up in our Embassy in


Congressman for North Dakota