IMA Letter to Iranian students urging peace



13th December, 1979.

Moslem Students followers of Imam
American Embassy
Tehran, Iran.

Dear Brothers:
I am writing to you this letter and will deliver to you personality.
I met with one of you at the door of the embassy and talked for few
minutes.. .then I decided to write to you this letter according to
My name is Mohammed Hassan Said, of Palestinian background, practicing medicine in U.S.A. at the present time I am the chairman of political action of Islamic medical Assoc. of U.S.A., chairman of internal
medicine of the Assoc. of Arab-American University Graduates and
President of the Prairies Arab Assoc. of U.S.A. (North Dakota). In
the past I founded several. Islamic centers in Spain and I was the
president of Moslems student Assoc. in Spain, one of the founders of
Moslem Student Organization of Europe, Islamic Medical Assoc. of
Europe, and North America, Council of Moslem communities in Canada
and in the last two years, secretary of the Islamic Medical Assoc. of

The materials included which contain my telegrams to Imam Khomeiny in
Paris, and in Iran, my letters to Iranian Embassy, my articles in
newspapers in U.S.A., my extensive activity which could be verified
by prominent Iranian brothers here and at the Embassy of Iran in Washington and Canada will introduce me to you and will dispel any doubt in your mind that I’m influenced in any negative way by western ideas or working in any way for them.

I came to Iran few days ago out of deep concern for what is happening,
not just to advise but as informative to give you an accurate picture
of what is happening in U.S.A. I think, in matters of American Public
relation, their sensitivity and reaction to this crisis we know more
than you do, the same is true that you know about Iran than we do,
this is why it is important to exchange our ideas for the benefit
of this great revolution. I came with endorsement from several Moslem
organizations in USA and Canada. As you know this dilemma created by the Shah presence in the USA and consequent seizures of the embassy by
you created international crisis and I believe the siege of the Embassy have already achieved its accomplishments.

1) Exposure of the Shah crimes to the whole world.
2) Exposure of the American Government interference of Iranian internal affairs through the C.I.A.
3) Giving a great lesson to the world that those corrupt dictators who flee their countries with their treasures will be punished no matter where they go, this will apply to such rulers like Somoza of Nicaragua who stole the money and is living in Florida, U.S.A.
4) Giving lesson to the world that immunity for diplomatic spies should
be questioned and will be great inspiration for humanity to stop
spying on each other.
5) Unite the Iranian people in this difficult time.

However 1 believe that since all these purposes have been well publicized, that the hostages should be released by Christmas as a gift from the Imam to the families of these people.

Dear brothers:
There are certain facts which I found that many Iranian brothers are not
aware of and these are:

1) The American People are very angry and frustrated and they are United behind their government for the first time in decades and believe me if the government use any action they will support it.
2) The American people are good people they generally distrust their
federal government and foreign policy, especially after Watergate and
Vietnam and will understand your grievances against the Shah but they
feel this is not the right way.
3) I don’t believe Carter will ever deliver the Shah not just because
of judicial problem but because of political and election year. Delivering the Shah will be like political suicide, which Carter will never do, indeed he had benefited from this crisis and may be reelected.
It is far better for the Iranian to request for- his wealth and a
commitment for the U.S.A. to accept an international tribunal findings
about his crimes.
4) Don’t give much weigh to those few Americans who support you, they
don’t represent the majority and have no clout..
5) Mr. Ed. Kennedy should not be interpreted as positive to achieve your
goal to bring the Shah. He made those remarks for political reasons
when he saw that Mr. Carter was benefiting from the crisis, and in my
judgment Mr. Kennedy will be worse if elected, since his aids are
heavily infiltrated with Zionists and Jews who have no sympathy for
Islam or for your revolution what so ever. Carter will be less
influenced by this group in his second term. As far as republicans
they are much worse than the democrats when they are dealing with Iran.
6) It’s very important to allow an independent team of medica1 doctors
non-Iranian to examine the hostages. I already offered myself but you rejected. I also requested to examine the Shah when he only one week in U.S.A. but his doctors refused our request. Although I believe your story that they are well, it is important to be verified by others. This will dispel the wide propaganda in the U.S.A. that they are abused.

7) This extensive news is making more harm than good to the revolution. Since they report what is inflammatory remarks and out of context, such as ABC and CBS.
8) I think burning the American Flag is highly sensitive and provokes anger in the American people, I think the hostages should be untied and allowed to speak to each others, this will produce a positive and
psychological effect on the American people and on the hostages.
9) As far as the Moslem organization in the USA and Canada I tell you
frankly that they are not happy, they either embarrassed or silent.
Some of them oppose publicly your action and there is very little
support. This really created clouds over the Islamic revolution and
is doing more harm than good since Moslems consider the taking of
hostages not involved in spying or war activity as contrary to the
spirit of Islam. I believe this issue and your inflexibility caused
considerable damage to image of Islam and to Imam Khomeiny in the Western world and will make very hard for the Moslems over there to preach the message of Islam.
10) It is a mistake to shift all the blame for our difficulties on others
like the United States, first of all the United States is not that
smart to play in every role in our lives, second this tactics may work
for the short run, but for the long run it is a bad policy, because it will carry us away from the real task of building our Islamic republic from the hard work and discipline to slogans and empty rhetoric which will benefit only the enemies of Islam.
President Nasser of Egypt blamed the west for his trouble for more than
15 years while in power, relying heavily on the Soviet Union, but when
the hour of truth came he could not stand for six days against the
tiny but powerful Zionist State, It was a disaster, his revolution was
empty, full of slogans and rhetoric which-lead to be taken over by a
coward and a traitor man like Sadat.
It is an enormous task to build this republic and every positive action
we take will not only strengthen our revolution but will be rewarded
by Allah, even the straightening of this chaos and jammed traffic in
Tehran; even if the Shah is brought to justice our problems and the task
of resolving them will be the same.
Our hope is in the future. This republic should be to the Moslems all
over the world like Russia for the Communism or America for the Free
Enterprise system. Finally I would like to relate a small story:
In the first battle of Islam—Badr—when the holy prophet was waiting to
attack the Mushrekeen of Quraish one of the Sahaba asked him if the
place were he was standing was chosen by Allah the prophet replied: no,
it is only a military action the Sahaba said: then it would better
if we choose another location destroying all the wells of waters and
keep one behind us so that we can drink and the Qurashi cannot, the
prophet said: you are right he listened to him and won the battle.

This is my humble message to you it might help win this battle. I am staying with you to build up this great Islamic Republic as an example for
the world under the leadership of Imam Khomeiny.

Dr. Mohammad Said