Dr. Said’s Worldwide Connection – USA


This is a List of Links Pertinent to USA

11 January 2007 Dr. Said’s Plan for Exit from Iraq

2000 Dr. Said’s Centrist views as prospective senator

28 July 2000 Dr. Said for U.S. Senate

12 September 2001 Dr. Said reacts to NY and DC attacks: Not all Muslims are extremists

13 September 2001 Dr. Said discusses the attacks in NY and Washington, DC

16 September 2001 Terrorist strikes hit home among Muslims

26 April 1978 Letter of appointment from Dr. Keller of UND

16 March 1979 Dr. Said’s article from North Dakota translated (Arabic)

29 March 1979 Letter from congressman Andrews concerning Israeli-Egyptian treaty

5 April 1979 Letter to Dr. Said from ABC news

11 April 1979 from the Arab League in Washington, D.C.

12 July 1979 Certificate of the Prairies Arab Association as an official organization

29 September 1979 Letter to Ali Agah of the Iranian embassy in Washington, D.C.
Handwritten version (some Arabic names and phrases)

3 May 1982 Letter to Rev. Blair

17 June 1982 Sundance doctor aids Mideast

19 February 11th hour Jackson rally

6 August 1984 Dr. Said enters race for state representative

22 August 1984 Dr. Said seeks state rep. post

September 1984 State rep. campaign flyer

13 September 1984 Vote for Dr. Said for state representative

20 September 1984 Letter from James Abourezk concerning candidacy for State Representative

10 March 1986 Letter to the editor of the IWMG

1988 More poetry (Arabic)

1998 Yet more poetry (Arabic)

21 June 1988 Letter from Paul Kirk concerning Dr. Said’s appointment to Nat. Platform Committee

8 July 1988 Dr. Said speaks out against political corruption (article from the Statesman)

4 August 1988 The Arabs arrive in Atlanta

September 1988 Dr. Said travels to Atlanta for the Democratic platform meeting for Mr. Dukakis (Arabic)

5 November 1988 Press release from Dr. Said

18 November 1988 Algiers summit (from The Washington Post)

December 1988 A political activist from Ephrata

2 December 1988 Letter of thanks from Michael Dukakis

8 December 1988 Dr. Said is on U.N. delegation

9 December 1988 State letter of congratulations on Dukakis campaign

17 December 1988 Ellensburg is cradle for peace

18 December 1988 Apple grower helps PLO

19 December 1988 Leadership key to PLO

25 December 1988 Doctor key player in peace process

27 December 1988 Doctor heals Mideast wounds

3 July 1988 First AJGA Congress

9 August 1988 Letter to Mr. Dale Dean, U.S.S.D.

21 August 1988 Arab becomes active

5 January 1989 Errors in Jewish Letter

30 January 1989 Dr. Said helps stage diplomatic coup

19 June 1989 Doctor happy with desert move

10 July 1989 Letter of thanks from Sallie Shawl concerning participation in Peace Panel

21 April 1990 Washington Grant Country Democratic Convention

April 1990 Grant County Democratic Convention

12 May 1990 Dr. Said urges a yes vote on the Israeli-Palestinian resolutions

9 June 1990 Washington State Democratic Convention

9 June 1990 WA State “One State” resolutions for Israel and Palestine

29 June 1990 Pro-Israel platform fails

11 July 1990 Letter from Dr. Said, Dem. State Delegate

11 July 1990 Political activist letter

10 September 1990 Dr. Said protests Gulf War from Baghdad

18 September 1990 Prevent the Gulf War, from Al’Dustor in Amman (Arabic)

22 September 1990 Dr. Said says stop the Gulf War, from Al’Raai, Amman, Jordan (Arabic)

17 January 1991 Doctor Missing in Mideast

30 January 1991 Doctor paints bleak picture of U.S.-Arab relations

20 May 1991 Letter to President Bush

18 June 1992 Dr. Said running for U.S. Senate

25 June 1992 Middle of the Road Platform

25 June 1992 Statement of candidacy for U.S. Senate

2 July 1992 Letter to fellow democrats concerning candidacy for U.S. Senate

29 July 1992 Ephrata Doctor wants to replace Sen. Adams

August 4 1992 Mail Delay Derails Senate Campaign

4 August 1992 Political career may have been lost in the mail

20 August 1992 Postal probe conducted

6 September 1992 Letter from Mohammad Mehdi re: U.S. Senate bid

15 September 1992 Dr. Said petitions his Muslim Brothers for help in the Senate campaign

10 December 1992 Letter to President elect Bill Clinton

15 December 1992 Letter from Dr. Said to Hillary Clinton

15 December 1992 Letter from Dr. Said to George Stephanopoulos

17 January 1993 Letter to Saddam Hussein outlining peaceful strategies for lifting the U.S. embargo on Iraq (Arabic)

8 February 1993 Recap of the Jerusalem conference to prevent Nuclear War (Arabic)

24 February 1993 Dr. Said’s analysis of U.S. foreign policy (Arabic)

27 February 1993 Dr. Said speaks from Jerusalem for Doctors Against Nuclear War (Arabic)

4 March 1993 Letter from Joe Kilburn

25 December 1993 Dr. Said from Iraqi paper against U.S. sanctions (Arabic)

5 July 1995 Dr. Said’s analysis of U.S. embargo on Iraq to chief Iraqi intelligence officer

1996 Local physician runs for governor

1996 Lesser-knowns make a run for it (article)

1996 Letter from Farley Maxwell

29 January 1996 Dr. Said speaks on the importance of a Muslim/Arab lobby in the United States (Arabic)

May 1996 Dr. Said to run for Governor

1 September 1996 Elect Dr. Said for Governor

1 September 1996 Elect Dr. Said for Governor (Arabic)

8 September 1996 Overseas press coverage of Dr. Said’s campaign for Governor in Assabeel (Arabic)

7 June 1996 Dr. Said for Governor (Brochure)

6 August 1996 Yakima Herald-Republic article: 4 would-be governors

16 August 1996 Ephrata doctor is running for Governor

6 September 1996 Candidates for Governor debate in Aberdeen

12 September 1996 If the mansion won’t come to Mohammad…

20 November 1997 When History recognizes achievements of a doctor

Palestinian American Action Committee

3/21/01 Al Jazeera Interview American Foreign Policy