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December 13, 2004

I am a Palestinian-American born in Haifa in 1938 when Palestine was under the British Mandate and my birth certificate which is found in the Social section of the website, is wrote in English, Arabic and Hebrew. This is what I would Palestine to be, a united country where Jews, Christians, and Muslims can live together in a secular state, like ours in the US. I have hundreds of documents to add to the website, including myself and family experiences related to this state which has become the most dangerous for peace according to the latest survey of twelve European countries six months ago. According to me it is number one Terrorist State in this planet. I have proof and the whole world knew that except the American people are fed news mostly coming from media controlled by Zionist Jews.

December 17, 2004

Some of these letters are in Arabic which was interviews in newspapers before I met with President Yasser Arafat and after my last meeting with Arafat on June 23, 2002. Arafat’s Chief of Staff Ramsi Al Khouri and his personal advisor Nabil Abu Rdeineh (both Christians) prevented me from talking to Chairman Arafat over the phone after June 23, 2002 when the Iraeli Army blockaded his compound in Ramalla. This prevention lasted until Arafat died and I would like to find out even by legal means why they prevented me from talking to him. Around June 30, His Chief of Staff asked me during the brief lifting of the curfew to go to the Arab Bank in Ramalla to get a gift from Arafat which I accepted from a person who was waiting for me at the bank whose name was Tariq. It was an envelope containing $5000 US though I insisted that he wrote a note stating that it was Arafat who ordered the money to me. That receipt of the money is included on this page. After I received the money, Ramsi Al Khouri’s deputy insisted in leaving Ramalla to go back to the United States which interpreted as a threat. I refused to leave until I meet with Arafat if the curfew is lifted or talk to him over the phone in order to return the money back. I wanted to find out if he ordered the money and about appointing me to take over the American Affairs of the Palestinian Authority as it shows in the file.

I sent this file to Abu Mazen the future President of Palestinian Authority and Ahmad Kreih (Abu Alaa the current Prime Minister) the same package presented to Arafat during my meeting with him. Abu Mazen and Abu Alaa never returned my calls or sent any reply to my concerns found in the file. My analysis of this is one of three reasons; they both had received a large sums of money themselves so they are both in the circle of corruption. 2. They could not question Ramsi Al Khouri the chief of staff and Nabil Abu Rdeineh because Abu Alaa and Abu Mazen could be in danger of losing their status by intervention of those two powerful assistants to Yasser Arafat. 3. They did not want to question both Ramsi Al Khouri and Nabil Abu Rdeineh who are both Christians so Abu Mazen and Abu Alaa might be accused of playing the religious card. In my judgment those two assistants to Arafat used the religious card skillfully as Christians to protect themselves from being criticized.

I am mentioning this for two reasons is 1. If the Palestinians are going to trace the money that Arafat left after his death, is to go through some people that are well known, among them Ramsi Al Khouri the Chief of Staff, Nabil Abu Rdeineh, Tariq, and others. 2. I have great concern that those people remain in a high position in the Palestinian Authority Government especially Nabil Abu Rdeineh as he is still the Spokesman and Personal Advisor for the Prime Minister Abu Alaa.. I believe those people gave Arafat bad advice and created obstacles in communication with the President.


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