Dr. Said’s Worldwide Connection – Lebanon

Monday, December 13, 2004


I have visited Lebanon many times and it is a beautiful country. I was in Lebanon during the winter and spring of 1970 as I was doing my Ph.D Doctorate in preventive medicine, studying the health and social issues of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. I witnessed this despicable treatment of the Palestinians by the Lebanese. This discrimination still exists today and most of it comes from the Christian Maronite. They think that the Palestinian if allowed to prosper and obtain citizenship, they will change the demographic balance and make the Muslims the majority of the population. This is ridiculous because the Muslims have been and are the majority of the population. As we know the president has to be Christian Maronite. I am not here protesting the President being a Christian Maronite because the current President Emil Lahood is the best leader of all the Arab world. I am simply protesting those Maronite who consider themselves French. In my first trip in a Turkish passenger ship from Beirut to Spain, in 1962 to study medicine, I could not speak to any of the S.O.B.s in Arabic because they would answer me only in French. I also get very angry when there is discussion about the condition of the Palestinian refugees, they justify this terrible discrimination that they want them to go back to their homeland in Palestine. I tell them from here, just go to Hell! If you don’t want the Palestinians to be permanent and change the demographic of population don’t give them citizenship, but allow them to get out of this sub-human treatment. I address this to all the people of Lebanon. I strongly believe that Lebanon is part of Syria. But Syria has to be a true democracy and not a dictator regime which has been inflicting on the Syrian people, oppression for the last forty years.


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