Dr. Said’s Worldwide Connection – Kuwait

Monday, December 13, 2004


I have visited Kuwait many times as my two brothers were working over there. I like the Kuwaiti people but I despise the rulers of Kuwait like I despise some other rulers in Gulf countries. I have many documents to add to this website especially related to the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. I have always felt that Kuwait is part of Iraq just as Lebanon is part of Syria, and Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine are one country called Belad Ashamm, with Iraq, the Fertile Crescent. I believe in unity of all of those countries as they have the same language, culture, religion, history, features, and most probably, their DNA. Just some of them are very rich and want to have crude oil for themselves while allowing their brothers barely having olive oil. I have a lot of documents to add to this website with my personal experience especially when Iraq took over Kuwait in 1990.


This is a List of Links Pertinent to Kuwait

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