Dr. Said’s Worldwide Connection – Iran

Tuesday December 7th, 2004


I like the Iranian people and I never looked at them as Sheite or Persians, just Muslims who share with us the Sunni (like myself) the basic belief. Indeed since I met Imam Mohammad Beheshti in Hamburg, Germany in the mid ’60s during an Islamic convention and prayed behind him. I followed Al Jaafari School regarding daily prayers since then. He became Islamic head party after the Islamic Revolution in Iran was established, though unfortunately he was assassinated.

I have visited Iran twice, the first time to help free the American hostages from the embassy as I was the Secretary General of the Islamic Medical Association of the United States. The second time was when the Iraqi-Iranian war was in full swing. Which everyone knows it was encouraged by Henry Kissinger former Secretary of State and by the current Minister of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld who met with Saddam Hussein in support of Iraq against the Iranians.

During the second trip I met with the speaker of Parlament Hashemi Rafsangani in Tehran, Iran, (who later on became President of Iran) trying to stop the war between those two Islamic Countries. At the same time I wanted to help the earthquake victims. However I arrived in the middle of the civil war and my friend Dr. Bahzadnia, the head of the Iranian Red Crescent was hiding as he was a supporter of President Beni Sadr who was removed from power by Imam Khomeini. There are very important events in which I will elaborate further including a story about my American Passport.


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