Dr. Said’s Worldwide Connection – Afghanistan

December 17, 2004


I have very much to tell about Afghanistan as I like the people. When I was planning to be part of the organization Doctors Without Borders they asked me which country I would like to go to and without hesitation I told them if I can not go to Palestine, which probably would not be allowed by the Israelis, my next choice would be Afghanistan. The Afghani people are good people, generous and they need a lot of help and we (Arabs and Mulims) remember the great reformer of the early last century of the Muslim Ummah was Jamalu Deen from Afghanistan

Afghanistan got a bad reputation because of the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden and I really blame the Muslim scholars, the Muslim Governments especially Saudi Arabia and the US Government who used Afghanistan to defeat the Soviet Union and once they drove them out, they abandoned Afghanistan which turned into chaos and self destruction among different factions which created extremism. The Taliban were really misguided and misinformed about Islam because Afghanistan like many other Muslim countries like Egypt adopted the Maleki Shariah School which is not extreme at all. The Muslims scholars could have guided them to better understanding of Islam. The Saudi Government, who spent billions of dollars on behalf of the United States and the CIA to defeat the Soviets, helped them very little after they won the war against communism. Not just the Saudi Government but the US Government as well.

I have some other documents including a letter which was to be addressed to Osama Bin Laden when I appeared in Al Jazeera Satellite on March 20, 2001 from Qatar (six months before 9/11) in the famous program Opposing Views watched by 50 million Arabs and Muslims all over the world including Osama Bin Laden. In that letter I wanted to explain to Bin Laden the best way to influence American foreign policy. Which is to be less aggressive to the Arab Muslims and Palestinians and to be less supportive of Israel was not through violence which will backfire but through public relations and education for American people within the United States and for the Muslim and Arab communities in the US to do their homework, to register to vote, and get involved with the political process. This is exactly what I stated in that TV program which lasted for two hours which can be obtained from Al Jazeera or through my website after translating the program into English in the near future. As far as the letter to Bin Laden, unfortunately the program finished before I was able read it. I will soon include that letter when it is translated into English.

I was the one who proposed the program to Al Jazeera about the United States foreign policy and how to influence this policy to be more even handed.

I was also planning to go to Afghanistan in the summer of 1998 to try to meet with Bin Laden as I did in other conflicts when I went in the late ’70s to free the American hostages from Iran, and in the early ’80s I went to Tehran trying to stop the war between Iran and Iraq, and in 1990-91 tried to prevent the Gulf War which all are detailed in my website. Unfortunately some catastrophic family crisis occurred which prevented me from going to meet with Bin Laden.