A Plan For Exit From Iraq With Honor and Dignity That I Guarantee Will Work
A Cut for Our Losses and Run for Almighty God To Help Us To Get Out of This Big Mess

This letter was emailed to the White House, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates and other departments, to the Iraqi Bi-Partisan Commission, to both branches of Congress and to the news media including the Arab channels, etc.
Thursday, January 11, 2007

I watched President Bush address the nation and part of the address I watched in Arabic on Al Jazeera news network: live with instant translation to tens of millions of people in the Arab world. As I expected, it fell short, and unfortunately it will not be as successful. I found over the years that those who advise the US Administration when dealing with the Arab and Muslim world are people who are either ignorant, naive or are coming out of “think tanks” of special interest groups who do not have any sympathy with the Arab and the Muslim world. It is as if we ask the fox to guard the chicken coop. An example of those are Fox News, the Weekly Standard, Commentary, Washington Enterprise Institute, Hudson Institute, Brookings Institute, etc. who are all pro-Israeli who care more about Israel than the United States and out of those came what are so called Neo-Conservatives who planned and engineered the war on Iraq. If we follow their advice we will be at war with Iran next and then Syria and for generations to come against the Arab and the Muslim world of more than 55 countries with over 1.5 billion Muslims who are not against us. Indeed, it is the contrary. We have a good relationship and trade with most of them. We need them as a buffer zone between China and the Western world as China is going to be a super power in a very short time.

I have been to Iraq almost every year since it first invaded Kuwait in 1990 as the founder and chairman of Arab Americans Against Military Intervention in the Gulf Region. I was the only one to be allowed to go into Kuwait in August 1990 to use a video provided by CNN. It was widely seen by the news media. I held several press conferences in Amman, Jordan, National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and in November 15, 1990 at the United Nations the same day that the Security Council authorized a military strike against Iraq after 60 days if they did not pull out of Kuwait. I found so much misinformation, fabrication, and lies such as the Iraqis took incubators from Kuwait hospitals and let the babies die. This is not true. When I tried to appear before Congressman Tom Lantos’ commission they refused to allow me and many of those lies were printed in US News and World Report by David Gergens.

My visit to Baghdad in 1995 was very significant when I addressed an Islamic conference where the Iraqi officials were attending. Following the confer- ence, I met with the Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Hamid Yousef Hammadi, for more than two hours in his office. He questioned me about a letter I mentioned in my address which I handed to the guard for Saddam Hussein in January 7, 1991 a week before the first Gulf War after I talked with the President at that meeting and when I showed Mr. Hammadi a copy of the letter he told me he did not receive it and when I asked him how he knew that he told me he was his personal secretary and all correspondence to the President had to go through him which made me wonder if President Saddam Hussein was isolated and did not know many things which were committed in his name. Mr. Hammadi told me at that time that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, that they were aware that the US spy satellite can detect a car license plate in the street of Baghdad. How could they hide weapons of mass destruction and that every weapon of that nature was destroyed during the first Gulf War. He told me also that the late King Hussein of Jordan sent emissaries twice on behalf of the US Administration, with the purpose of Iraq establishing diplomatic relations with Israel so they would leave him alone and lift the embargo. Had Saddam Hussein done that, he would be alive now. I had sent a letter to the Department of Justice through the Freedom of Information Act and I have yet to receive any of those documents. They sent me a letter stating they were searching for more than a year. On my visit on October 22, 2002, when I met with President Saddam Hussein’s personal guards who came to Melia Almansoor Hotel in Baghdad where I presented them an extensive file of my correspondence to the Iraqi Embassy in Amman, Jordan about how to prevent the war. I included a short letter to be addressed to the American people stating that Iraq had no connection to 9/11 or to al-Qaida and that no violence against the US would come from Iraq now or in the future. More details are found on my website: http://www.drsaid.net/. In January 2003 in a letter I sent to President Saddam Hussein, I urged him to call for a new constitution and presidential election and that he would not be a candidate. This was approved by his two Vice Presidents. When I was close to meeting with him I was expelled from Baghdad on January 28, 2003 by his Chief Intelligence Officer at the Presidential office, Mr. Abdul Raheem al Faloogi. He ordered me to leave the Al Rasheed Hotel and return back to Jordan. I returned ten days later to Baghdad with the assurance that I would meet with President Saddam Hussein and try to convince him to resign. I had to conduct a taped interview as a report representing the Grant County Journal after having created both the questions and the answers (posted on my website). I was stopped again by this Intelligence officer who came to my hotel with another person. They put me in his car to go to jail or maybe my disappearance. What saved me was a press card from Grant County Journal and as a reporter telling him that CNN knew I was in Baghdad. That white lie probably saved my life as he changed his mind and took me to a departing car to Jordan. I have yet to get an answer through the Freedom of Information Act about this man. Was he simply a corrupt official who was selling millions of dollars of crude oil through the Internet and is now in Denmark as I learned later on or was he an agent of the CIA?

On the basis of my extensive knowledge of the Iraqi people knowing their language, background, heritage, culture, religion, etc. I propose the following plan which I stated in my platform when I ran for US Senate in the Democratic Primary in 2004 and 2006:

1. To increase the military presence by 21,000 is a big mistake. We might suppress the insurgence for a short time but the Iraqi sectarian army will continue to kill and the hatred against the US will increase. The insurgents will adjust to the changes and will reappear.

2. Without a time table for the withdrawal nothing will work. The time table to withdraw should be completed by November 2008. We must close our military bases and reduce the size of our Embassy, the largest one in the world. (Platform 2004 & 2006)

3. Withdraw from the cities within six months from now and give responsibility for security to the Arab League through the United Nations, who will help the citizens and not military forces. (Platform 2004 & 2006)

4. Recall the old Iraqi army and police who are professionals and non-sectarian. They were established in 1921 and were foolishly dissolved by Paul Bremer, the first American governor of Iraq, after the occupation of Baghdad in 2003. Those Iraqi soldiers are the bulk of insurgents against our soldiers. It is because they have no jobs, no money to feed their families. If they rejoined the army much of the violence will stop especially after we establish a table for our withdrawal. (Platform 2004 & 2006)

5. No more new recruit training for the Iraqi army. It is a waste of time and money. The new recruits are mostly Shiite sectarian and half of them do not report to duty.

6. No more building of infrastructure. This will take tens of billions of dollars and too long. This exactly is what the Shiite are asking the United States to do. Then after the building, they will politely tell us to leave or they will join the insurgents against us as they did in the last century against the British.

7. Directly compensate the civilian victims of the war. (Platform 2004 & 2006)

8. Replace the Iraqi Prime Minister, Al Maleki, who ordered the execution of President Saddam Hussein on the first day of the holiest time of the Muslim calendar. This was a sign of vengeance, not justice. This act caused more insurgency, rioting, anger and mistrust of the U.S. by the Muslim and the Arab worlds. They blamed the United States for choosing the day and the method of execution. I told Aljazeera that it was impossible for the U.S. to do that. It was the Iraqi governments responsibility. Al Maleki has shown himself to be sectarian. He wanted Saddam Hussein to be hanged instead of his request for a firing squad as he was the Commander in Chief. He should have granted him his wish but Maleki wanted him to be executed as a common criminal as a symbol of humiliation for a relatively minor thing. This way the secrets about who provided President Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons and about his meeting with Donald Rumsfield in the early 80’s would go with him to the grave. I believe it was a conspiracy between the US Administration and the Iraqi government. I talked with lawyers, Mujeeb Al Nuaimi, former attorney general of Qatar, and Jordanian lawyers Ziad Khasawnah and Saleh al Armouti, who were defending Saddam Hussein more than a year ago prior to his first court appearance. They should have asked the court in front of all the news media that he will reveal any secrets to the international tribunal at the Hague only. I also sent a letter to his daughter Raghd through his lawyer in Amman, Jordan more than a year ago in this regard and I told her and the attorneys that he would be executed for this Dugail (148 Shiite killed in a small village after they conspired to assassinate the President) so that all the other big issues would go to his grave such as mass graves, the usage of chemical weapons, etc. and it happened exactly as I told them.

9. Replace the Minister of the Interior and Defense, who has been penetrated by the Shiite militia, with Iraqi individuals known to be non-sectarian, who have excellent reputations with the Iraqi people.

10. Plan for a new election in the Sunni triangle. They would participate once we put a time table of withdrawal.

11. Open dialogue with Iran. I was in Tehran twice in the late 70’s to aid in the release of the hostages as I was the Secretary General of the Islamic Medical Associations of North America. In 1981 I met with the Speaker of Parliament (who later became President of Iran), Mr. Hashemi Rafsangani attempting to stop the war between Iran and Iraq. I told Mr. Rafsangani that the one who initiated the war was President Saddam Hussein. We must keep an open dialogue.

12. Call for a One State Solution in Palestine-Israel, where all religions and ethnicities, Jews, Christians and Muslims would be united under one nation and one flag: much like the United States. This is the only solution to end the conflict as I had been advocating for over 30 years. Initially I considered a two state solution would work. We are not going to resolve the conflict which has been going on for over 4,000 years unless we change many verses in the Old Testament as we find in Genesis 9:18-27 – Noah cursed his younger son Ham who was the father of Canaan (the indigenous Palestinians) because Ham saw his father naked after being drunk telling his brothers Japheth and Shem (Sam, the father of the Jews) and that Ham and his descendants should be slaves to Shem and his descendants. In other words, the Palestinians would be looked at as servants or slaves to the Jews and this is what is happening in Palestine today and to change the verses in Genesis 15:18, 17:7-21 when God changed his mind that the Holy Land would go only to Isaac (the son of Abraham) and his descendants (the Jews) and nothing to Ishmael (the son of Abraham) and his descendants (the Arabs) and I believe some rabbis were responsible for these changes and not Almighty God. The Palestinians at the present time, the ones inside Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza are equal in numbers to the Jews and demographically the Palestinians are going to be a majority in 15 years even inside Israel as 15-20% of the Jews in Israel are Gentiles who came from Russia and other countries for economic reasons. Are we going to continue fighting for generations against the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslims on behalf of Israel when the outcome is going to be the same or further a state based on religion such as a Jewish state is against our Constitution which calls for separation of church and state. (Platform 2004 & 2006)

13. Senator Joe Lieberman is a known war monger and should not be allowed into any United States Presidents inner circle. He is a Pro-Israeli Zionist who will lead the United States into more wars, possibly with Syria and Iran next, on the behalf of Israel.

14. There is a very big call to attack the Shiite Mugtada al Saddarr who is well known to be against the United States. He lost credibility when some people at the time of the execution of Saddam Hussein were shouting Mugtada and I from the beginning thought that is not from his own people but some were inserted on purpose to make a rift between him and the Sunni and indeed his representative came on Al-Jazeera and explained with evidence that it was not his people. In other words, attacking him would not be a good idea that we will strengthen his popularity and the Sunni will join him.

15. When we put a time table to withdraw we will give an ultimatum to the insurgents who are attacking us, that we will not tolerate any attack and will severely punish them. I believe that it will work as long as we put that on the time table.

I would like to question Paul Bremer who advised him about dissolving the Iraqi Army which was a disaster for Iraq and for our own military. Who are those Neo-Conservatives who misrepresented the facts and engineered the war such as Elliot Abrams, Richard Pearl, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Paul Wolfowitz? Who, instead of being tried, was promoted to be the President of the International Bank and Douglas Feith and others? The only courageous people who questioned their motive of being Jewish Zionists with their concern more with Israel than the US, as I see it, were Marine General Anthony Zinni, the Honorable Senator from South Carolina, Ernest Hollings who did not seek re-election after 35 years in the Senate because of attacks being anti-Semite and the Conservative commentator and former candidate for President Patrick Buchanan and myself. I was verbally attacked at the Democratic State Convention in Spokane in June 1990 as anti-Semite by some Jewish delegates after I criticized Israel. I challenged them to a DNA testing and told a friend I could challenge them even more by exposing ourselves to see if they were circumcised as was a covenant between God and Patriarch Abraham to have his descendants ( Jews and Arabs to be circumcised.) I was thrilled when our first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison from Minnesota, took his oath with his hand on the Quran. This copy of the Quran can be traced back to our third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson and main author of the Declaration of Independence and leading participant in the creation of our Constitution. Despite the objections of some, Mr. Keith Ellison stayed true to his beliefs. His ancestors can be traced back having arrived from Africa in 1743 when Thomas Jefferson was 9 years old. When Ellison announced his decision to use the Quran, and objections were heard throughout the nation, there was no mention that the American Jews (who number half of the Muslim population or estimated to be 10 million) have 13 Senators and 30 members of Congress. After researching the life and times of Thomas Jefferson and being totally familiar with the Quran, it is my conclusion that Thomas Jefferson was greatly influenced by the words of the Quran and incorporated those phases into our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. In the near future I will be publishing a report on this conclusion. I invite researchers and historians to examine my findings and report to me if they are in agreement or not. It is my hope that they will find enough evidence to support that these important national documents are not only based on Judio-Christian tradition but also on the teachings of the Quran. Finally, let me reflect on some important points: My objective is to bring our troops home without any further loss of life, either to us or the Iraqis. I have personally lost friends, both Iraqi and American. I am not looking for fame, money, position or power. It is my moral obligation and my religious belief that when I stand before my Almighty God that I did my utmost even though it was not politically correct or socially accepted. Thirty-four years ago, I arrived in Bismarck, North Dakota as a penniless doctor-to-be to take my medical exams. I had to borrow money from friends in order to pay for a one-way ticket to the United States. Now, I am blessed with a good practice, two sons: one who is also a doctor and one who is a news media representative in Al-Jazeera. My daughter is currently attending a college and is a politically involved, independent woman devoted to national and international peace movements.

Dr. Mohammad H. Said MD, PhD
Founder and Chairman of Arab Americans Against Military Intervention in the Gulf Region
Founder and Chairman of FRONT for America First, Not Israel

This letter will be emailed to the White House, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates and other departments, to the Iraqi Bi-Partisan Commission, to both branches of Congress and to the news media including the Arab channels, etc.