Committee of Arab-Americans against U.S. intervention

AUG. 7, 1990

We, as a group of Arab-Americans across the nation, are very concerned about the U.S. intervention in the Gulf area. We strongly believe that the intervention is not in the national interest, and if our ultimate goal is to keep the oil flowing at a reasonable price, our intervention will do exactly opposite. It will hurt further our economy, our consumers. We invaded Grenada and we tried to justify to the world our actions, we did it in Panama to get Noriega at a cost of more than two billion dollars and again we tried to justify our action. But we have not tried even to Listen to Iraq and its grievance against Kuwait. We did not wait long enough to let the Arab League have a chance to resolve this conflict among themselves. We feel that the news coverage has been unbalanced and one side of the story is not being told. The American people do not know that Kuwait was part of Iraq just 58 years ago, as a province and that Great Britain was the one who engineered its independence in 1961, to keep their interests in the area. The American people do not know that the Iraqi People and the Kuwaiti people are one people with the same history, language, culture, religion and geography and even the same features. The American people do not know that the rulers of the Sabah family, or the Emir had accumulated unprecedented wealth, probably exceeding 200 billion Dollars in the West with very little help to their brothers who are starving in Sudan, Mauritania, the Northern Ethiopia, etc. and this explains why the invasion has a popular support among the Arab Masses. Our intervention would inflame the Anti-Americans throughout the Arab world. We feel very strongly that the Bush administration was influenced by members of Congress who are highly influenced by Israel. anti the Israeli lobby who are very much against President Saddam Hussein to be strong and stand up to Israel, who had been occupying the West Bank and Gaza for 23 years with brutality.

As far as the Security Council, their support of the U.S. is not unusual, China will not forget President Bush’s favor, not punishing them enough after the Tianimin Square Massacre, and the Soviet Union needs the West badly in this critical time, and the rest of the European and Atlantic Alliance will go along with President Bush.

We are not going to police the whole world, It is in the interests of the oil producing countries, especially Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq to sell the-jr oil, otherwise, they have very little income from anything else.

To send ships, and to endanger our US citizens with tremendous cost, which might exceed 500 Million Dollars which we badly need in this country in this time of budget deficit, we do not need any more unnecessary expenses and an excuse for those who advocate still more military spending at the expense of our Domestic programs.

One final point, many of us Arab—Americans who are living in this country became citizens after 5 years, and our children who were born here, are automatically citizens. But look at Kuwait, anybody non—Kuwaiti born there is not allowed to become a citizen, is almost forced to get out of the country when they reach the age of 18 years. Arab nationals who went to Kuwait and worked there, some of them since Kuwait independence, are discriminated against. Those same people can go to Iraq without a Visa and work. We are not trying here to justify the action of Iraq, we are simply trying to get the other side of the story out. We are trying for our Government to be patient, and give peace a chance. We urge our government not to corner Saddam Hussein. It will be dangerous.

Spokesman, Dr. Mohammad Said