Grant County Democratic Convention – Moses Lake, Washington April 1990

WHEREAS the Grant County Democratic Convention passed a resolution in 1988 calling for a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza district alongside Israel.

WHEREAS the State Platform Committee in Ellensburg approved a similar resolution by unanimous vote in 1988.

WHEREAS The Democratic State Convention in Olympia passed the same resolution by acclamation in 1988.

WHEREAS Dr. Said, as a member of the Democratic Platform Committee carried the resolution to Algeria in 1988, where the Palestinian National Council meeting with significant impact.

WHEREAS Dr. Said carried the same resolution as a member of the Palestinian Delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations in Geneva with a tremendous contribution to the peace process and the opening dialogue between the U.S. Government and the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Tunisia.

WHEREAS the resolution, which was supposed to be implemented between the Israeli and the Palestinians, is in a stalemate, with the peace process quite remote.

WHEREAS significant changes worldwide has happened since then, including the emerging democracies in Europe and the beginning process towards a majority rule in South Africa.

WHEREAS various ethnic groups with different languages and cultures in those countries are emerging under the banner of Democracy.

WHEREAS our American tradition, Constitution, and system allows people from diverse backgrounds, ethnic, cultural, and languages to live in peace and harmony, under our Constitution and the universal law allows one person one vote. And in order to accomplish this goal, the following steps should be taken.

1. Rename the historic Palestine, which includes Israel, West Bank and Gaza as Abraham, in honor of the Patriarch who was the father of both Arabs and Jews.

2. Establish one person, one vote for the residents of the new state.

3. Abolish the Israeli Law of Return which allows only Jews to immigrate to the State of Israel.

4. Establish new policy to allow Jews and Palestinians to immigrate to the new state as family units.

5. Any Palestinian or Jew can settle anywhere in the new state; with Jerusalem as the capital.

THIS WAS ADOPTED AT THE GRANT COUNTY CONVENTION ON APRIL 1990; It is resolved that the historic Palestine, which includes the West Bank, Gaza and Israel be renamed Abraham in honor of the Patriarch, who was the father of both Jews and Arabs, and that this new country adopts a true Democratic system, without discrimination where Arabs and Jews live in peace on the basis of the one person, one vote, and be allowed to settle anywhere they want, with the one Capital to be Jerusalem, with a policy of immigration without discrimination against any group. And which allows both Jews and Palestinians to immigrate to the new state with equal opportunity as a family reunion.