Letter from M.T. Mehdi, M.D. concerning Dr. Said’s bid for U.S. Senate

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September 6, 1992

Dear Brother Dr. Said:

Congratulations for your candidacy for the U.S. Senate. I was touched by you letter to the news media. It reflected the depth of your understanding and sincerity.

I read your platform which is full of meaningful ideas in the interest of the United States and world community. You are a citizen who appreciates America more than Bill Clinton and George Bush.

In New York, we advocate peace for the “Holy Land” state, rather than “Abraham” land.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you. God bless you and jazaka Allah khaizan!

In addition to my best wishes, I wished I could send you some $$$. Alas! We are all in the same business!


Your supporter

M.T. Mehdi