Letter from Joe Kilburn

March 4, 1993

Dear Dr. Said,

I know that you & “The Chairman” have worked and are working continuously for peace & to affect a lasting free homeland where elders can sit in the gate & children play in the streets without fear & with prosperity (& “The Oranges of Gaza” can be shipped to all of Europe) … Now, with the Clinton administration in office the cause of the Palestinian people may at last stand a chance… But to be effective, the hearts of the American people must be moved to a pro Palestinian state of mind… to retain the progress that is all too slowly being made toward that end…and the tendency of people, i.e. American, to lump together all peoples or things they do not understand, i.e. Islam, Muslim, Palestinian…it is urgent!!! That a leader or spokesman for the cause of the Palestinian people make a disclaimer statement to CNN & other major news networks distancing “The Organization” from recent developments in New York, making it absolutely clear to the American public that “The Organization” was in no way involved…and that there are non-Palestinian Muslim groups that are very opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian homeland, i.e. some Iranian groups and others. I wouldn’t bother you with this as I know you are very busy treating the poor (The Eternal see the work you do) but as it came into my mind this morning, I took it before the Eternal with tears and was urged to relay this to you for your consideration. All good or perfect gifts are of the eternal & if this is of any value…please thank him. I am still working on the poems, as I am able, but this is more important . May the Eternal be with you, “The Chairman,” & always the cause of peace.

Most respectfully,

Joe Kilburn/The Fringe Dweller