4 August 1982 Letter to President Reagan concerning the Lebanon crisis

President Ronald Reagan

White House
Washington D.C.

August 4, 1982

Dear Mr. President,

We believe President Brezhnev’s letter to you was accurate that you not doing enough to stop this massacre by the Israeli army. At least you could stop the massive aid of 7 million dollars a day which goes to Israel. This money belongs to American taxpayers and is not a capital gain of you home sale in California. You charged your own daughter, Maureen interest on a loan. Is your money more precious than ours? We will start a grass roots campaign to inform our fellow Americans about the Palestinian tragedy. We will ask them to refuse payment of the tax proportion which goes to Israel or any other country who uses our money for criminal purposes. Mr. President, the aim of Israel is to destroy the PLO, but an idea and aspiration cannot be destroyed. All the Palestinians, more than four million including the one hundred thousand American Palestinians, support the PLO and identify with its objective for self determination and statehood. If you doubt that, I urge you to make a survey. Mr. President, thirty-five years ago I was expelled from our home in Haifa. I never minded where I came from. My ancestors could have been Jews, Arabs, Canaan, or Philistine. It minded to me that it was my home. I will never be able to understand that a Jewish family from Poland have the right to take my home after two thousand years. If that theory is valid than we should divide the whole world. We should do a chromosome study to find who is who. We should give the U.S. back to the American Indian. And you Mr. President should go back to Ireland. Even in the Bible if the Lord promised that land to Abraham it was before the birth of his son, Ishmael the father of the Arabs and Isaac the father of the Jews, giving both descendants the Semite people the right to Palestine not only to the Jews. However, I never believed that God would be a real estate man. There is much talk about the PLO recognizing Israel’s right to exist. I am now a U.S. citizen. I give my oath and loyalty to this country and would never give it for anything in the whole world. But my feeling which reflects millions of Palestinians is that I would never never recognize Israel until I am compensated for my property in Haifa and until my displaced brothers are given their legitimate rights for self determination. This feeling is so deep that I give it to my children, who were born here, then they started to understand. Mr. President when you were writing in the Jewish press published by Rabbi Shlomo Klass before becoming President, I used to read your interesting column but I was deeply concerned that you might have been getting the information about the Middle East from one side. I supported you and hoped by the time you became President you would have access to all kinds of information from different sources. Since the advisers on the Middle East issues who had been running the show in Washington for many years are known Zionists, or Pro-Israel, so like we were putting a fox to guard the chicken coupe. Finally I remind you Mr. President about the great Eisenhower who stopped the Israelis when when they attacked Egypt in 1956, a milder attack than now in Lebanon. Mr. President when you were shot you said you will dedicate you life to the Lord and He is calling you now to save innocent Palestinians and Lebanese and we Americans of Palestinian descent are determined more than ever to stand up and to use our constitutional rights to support the displaced and underdog who are the Palestinians to achieve their legitimate rights.

Thank you sir and may God help you in this difficult time.

Mohammad Said, M.D.

Sundance, WY