Letter from Dr. Said to Rev. Blair

Reverend Charles Blair
Box 35–Calvary Temple Hour
Denver, Colorado

May 3, 1982

Dear Reverend;

On April 26th, 1982, I had a chance to watch your program on the air from Denver, Colorado. Although I am not a Christian and most concretely a Moslem, I do watch many of these religious sermons on the air, because I feel I have close relationships with people of different faiths, particularly the Christians. On that particular date, I was astonished to hear a lady who was Jewish speaking for almost one hour.

I was really disappointed, even shocked- when I realized that her sermon was not a religious, but rather Zionist propaganda using religion and the Old Testament to achieve her goal. Many of the points and issues she raised were distorted and far from the truth. As an American of Palestinian descent, I have had experiences which were very different from what she was talking about. I have seen how the Palestinians are suffering and how they have been victims of Zionist expansion. Unfortunately, their side of the story is not known and not heard in many parts of this country. Don’t forget, Reverend, that although human beings are equal and are brothers, all are the Children of God. Still, among the Palestinians, 20% are Christians who are of the same faith as you, and are suffering, under the Israeli occupation. Many were expelled from their houses.

I will be glad, Reverend, and I would very much appreciate it if you would allow me to appear before your congregation and be on the air to be given a chance as was given to the Jewish lady, so that I could explain the other side of the story. This is a moral obligation for you who believe in God and the Day of Judgment. I have a very good background and very strong information about those issues. Also, I as a Moslem, have been the Secretary of the Islamic Medical Association of the United States for two years, and at the present time I am the President of the Islamic International Medical Relief Organization.

Although my field is medicine, my concern about those international issues which affect all of us is very important. I am waiting for your invitation to appear before your congregation with my wife. I am also including a pamphlet about a conference to be held in Washington, D.C. on the 27th through the 29th. The conference is “Jerusalem, City of Peace Towards Biblical Foundations For Justice in the Holy Land”, and I will be delighted to extend to you an invitation to attend that conference. My wife and myself are extending our very best wishes and waiting for your reply.


Mohammad H. Said, M.D.