Dr. Mohammad Said for U.S. Senate

Though materials were ready for various reasons his filing paperwork did not go through.
June 25, 1992

This is the letter and platform statement that I handed to the delegates at the Washington State Democratic Party Convention held in Silverdale on May 25, 1992 with minor changes.

My name is not a familiar name. It is not your next-door neighbor’s, it is not Grandma’s apple pie. I am not the usual candidate in this very unusual election year. My name is Mohammed, the most widely used among the one billion Moslems on this planet. And thanks to the champ, Mohammed Mi, it is also well known in the United States. My last name is SAID, pronounced SAEED, which means in Arabic, happy, and indeed I am a happy person.

My campaign will be an educational one, with lots of fun with a very serious message. I was born in the port city of Haifa, Palestine, in October, 1938, which is now part of Israel. In 1947, we had to flee our home at Mount Carmel in Haifa, when hostilities broke out between Arabs and Jews, to seek refuge with my three brothers at my father’s sister’s home, my Aunt, in Burin – a small town 30 miles North of Jerusalem. Soon after my father left for Saudi Arabia to work, where he re-married and never came back. My mother died when I was 3 years old. This personal tragedy of my own family and my people, created in me a sense of injustice which motivated me throughout my life to work for the oppressed, the underdog, the displaced everywhere. That powerful inner circle made me work very hard, in spite of all odds, to excel and be a leader. My first political involvement was at the age of sixteen, when I led demonstrations in the city of Nabuls, the biggest city in the West Bank, against the British bases in Jordan. They represented at that time, the evil empire, who were the culprits, the ones who created most of the problems in the Middle East, as they followed their philosophy, divide and conquer. They issued that famous declaration on November 2, 1917, known as the Balfour Declaration, after they expelled the Turks from Palestine and other countries in the Middle East. That declaration was to establish a Jewish state in Palestine, and to protect the rights of the indigenous Palestinians, the existing non-Jewish communities (Moslem and Christian) then being 95% of the population of Palestine, who owned more than 96% of the land. They betrayed the ruler of the city of Mecca, Sharif Hussein, the grandfather of King Hussein of Jordan, who rallied the Arabs against the Turks in World War I in exchange for the Arabs being independent, under one flag. However, instead of that, they created, with the help of the French, divisions and artificial borders that made the region into states, such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, etc.. After I graduated from high school in 1957, I became a teacher for two years in Jordan and for three years as a teacher and principal in Saudi Arabia. In the early 60’s, I started my medical study in Grenada, Spain, graduating on June 6, 1967, the same day that Jerusalem fell to the Israelis. Instead of celebrating the fulfillment of my dream as a doctor, I spent the next several weeks trying to find out what happened to my family and relatives after the Israelis occupied the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights. During the mid 60’s, while studying in Spain, I established the student Islamic Center in Grenada for prayers, gatherings and cultural activities after 500 years of Arabs and Jews were expelled from Spain. During the 60’s, I co-founded the Moslem Student Association in Spain and Europe and became president of the Spanish Association for several years. I co-founded the Islamic Medical Association in Europe and conducted the first medical mission to help poor people in the north of Africa. In 1970, after attending the International Symposium for Transplant of Organs, I proposed that a bank be created for organ donation, particularly from those who die on the highway, and make them available to everybody. That proposal was adopted more than 20 years later.

Following that symposium, I left for the refugee camps in the Middle East, working on my Ph.D. thesis entitled, “Sanitary and social problems of Palestinian refugees living in the Arab countries.” During that year, I survived a brutal attack in the Spring when the Israelis took our ambulance in Southern Lebanon, and in the Summer we were attacked at Gabal Al Hussein refugee camp in Aman Jordan by the Jordanian army. At that point I decided once and for all to move to the west, first joining my brother in Canada, then immigrating from Canada to the US in 1974. In the mid 60’s, when I heard that Malcolm X, the famous black Civil Rights leader, was coming back from a pilgrimage to Mecca and staying at the Islamic Center in Geneva, I rushed to meet with him, though I missed him. In the 70’s, I continued to work as a political activist in Arabic-Islamic organizations. I co-founded, again, the Islamic Medical Association of the United States and Canada and became secretary-general. In the late 70’s, I traveled to Iran to help release the American hostages and met with the students holding them. In the following year, due to the earthquake which devastated Iran, I went back again to plead with the Iranians to stop the war with Iraq. I met with the Speaker of the Parliament, at that time, Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, who is the President of Iran at the present time. In 1980, after I became a US citizen in Bismarck, North Dakota, I started to get involved in American politics, because I felt it was the best way to influence the American policy regarding the Middle East. During the invasion of Israel to Lebanon in 1982, I traveled as an American citizen, to help the victims of the war, and that is the year when I decided with my wife to come and settle in the State of Washington. 1984 was a turning point in my political life, when I went to Iowa to campaign for Jesse Jackson who was an unknown at the time. When I returned home from Iowa, I attended a caucus then ran for the legislature for the first time. I was the only delegate in Grant County for Jesse Jackson. In my platform I proposed among other things that our allies in Europe, South Korea, Japan, etc. pay the full cost of our troops stationed on their land. This is now being debated in Congress. Since 1984 and to the present time, I have been a State delegate, a Precinct Committeeman and since 1986 a platform State member. In 1988, I co­authored the very famous resolution calling for a Palestinian state alongside Israel. I traveled to Algeria to attend the Palestinian National Council at the invitation of the President of the Council. I felt I had a significant influence at the convention, and I demanded the expulsion of the notorious radical Abu Abbas during the Intifadah Session, which was reported in the Washington Post. One month later, I was invited to be part of the Palestinian delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations in Geneva. I carried a verbal message from our Ambassador, Vernon Waters, to chairman Arafat, ~Thch contributed to the opening of the dialog between the US administration and the Palestinian Organization. In 1988, I was elected as a member of the National Platform Committee for Jesse Jackson or the Rainbow coalition. For the last two years, I have been the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Central Committee of Grant County. In 1990, as a platform committee member I contributed to drafting and passing important resolutions regarding foreign policy, health care and injured workers. Among them an invitation to Chairman Arafat to come to U.S.A. and speak out, holding aid to Israel pending acceptance of UN Resolutions 242 and 338 and the respect of Palestinian Human Rights, making the Middle East free of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, etc. In August, 1990, after Iraq invaded Kuwait, I formed and became the chairman of Arab-American’s against military intervention in the Gulf. I traveled to Kuwait in August and early September, 1990, I was able to go to Kuwait and be the only one to make a video using a CNN camera after I convinced the Iraqi Minister of Information. I went back, again, in January, 1991 a few days before the war started I talked briefly to Saddam Hussein at the Islamic Conference, bringing a letter to his assistant, warning him that he was going into a trap, and his country would be destroyed, and the only way would be to declare his intention to withdraw from Kuwait. I again videotaped Kuwait, one day before the war, and left Kuwait six hours before the war started, reaching Baghdad and surviving three days of heavy bombardment. I led demonstrations against the war, and held international press conferences in Jordan, the Washington National Press Club, and at the United Nations. Through my personal experience I found that the Gulf war was the mother of all mis­information and cover-ups. “The Mother of all Miscalculations and the Thyroid connection’ will be the title of my book, since I believe, besides other factors which contributed to the war, that President Bush did have an excess of hormone which contributed to his state of nmd to rush to war. I challenged him, in my testimony before the International Inquiry about the War crimes committed in the Gulf, to show his medical records. This year, as a State Delegate, and as a State Platform member, I feel I made significant contributions in many areas of the platform. Among them health care, foreign policy, and particularly the passage of the resolution regarding the status of Jerusalem as an international city for all faiths opposing it’s annexation and use as the capitol of Israel. I am not a one issue candidate, I do not have any political advisors, I do not rehearse my speeches. I am myself and what I present to you, is a lifelong experience, of deep study and encounters with diversified cultures, religions, and nationalities from all over the world. I want to use my experience in service for the people of Washington State. All my life I have followed my five C’s, which stand for Charisma, Command of the issues, Courage, Compromise and Commitment, I followed every single one of those C’s.

In order to complete my professional, personal, and political profile, I would like to add the following points. I am a physician, American Board Certified, (a specialist in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics) with a Ph.D. in Preventive and Social Medicine from the University of Madrid and a Diploma in Public Health from the University of Toronto, Canada. During my medical career, I worked in different areas of the world, such as Europe, the Middle East, the United State and Canada. I practiced with the VA system and through the HMO Health Maintenance Organizations. For the last 10 years I have been in private practice in Ephrata, Washington. I am a member of the American College of Physicians, Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Association, Washington Medical Society, and Grant County Medical Society.

I am also a member and co-founder of the Islamic Medical Association of North America, currently representing the Western Region. A member of the Physicians for Social Responsibility, the International Physicians for the prevention of Nuclear War and the International Physicians Association.

I am a member of the Leadership Council of the Arab- American Institute, National Association of Arab-Americans, member of the Arab-American University Graduates, ADC, (Arab-American Anti-discrimination Committee).

Member of Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union, Rainbow Coalition, Peoples for the American Way, HALT for Legal Reform, Elks Club, Rotary Club (on a leave of absence) and Common Cause. My political affiliation had been with the Democratic Party, being at the present time the Vice Chairman of the Democratic Central Committee of Grant County, and had been for many years, the Precinct Committee man of Block 71 of Grant County, however, most important, I am a member of the Human Race, a child, and with my ultimate devotion to Mother Earth, and its Creator.

My wife Nadia, daughter of my former teacher from our little town of Burn in the West Bank, and our three children, Yasser – 15, Noor Falasteen (Noreen) – 13 and Hashem – 11 say hello.

This is my story a long way from the figs and olive trees of the hills of Palestine to the golden delicious apple and sagebrush of the Columbia Basin in Washington. It has been an adventure which symbolizes the flight of a dove, the neck of a Giraffe and the endurance of a Camel.