The Middle of the Road Platform

Though materials were ready for various reasons his filing paperwork did not go through.
June 25, 1992

With this introduction, I introduce you to the ten points of my platform. They will be very brief. I will be expanding on those issues with statements and publications in the near future.

No. I. Foreign trade. This is an important issue in order to create more jobs and open our market. Particularly in the Moslem countries which constitute more than I Billion peoples, especially in the former six Islamic republics of the Soviet Union, I have the connection and I will be a bridge to increase our exports to those countries, which will be in many areas of agriculture, technology, etc. Until now, our effort has been more concentrated towards Japan. Rebuilding of Iraq non-militarily, there are 40 to 50 Billion Dollars out there to reconstruct Iraq. and many countries such as Japanese, German and French are waiting for the moment the embargo is lifted, which in my judgment will be after the general election in November. and we have to be in a position to participate in that important reconstruction.

No. 2. Health Care. I am for universal and Federal health care, one single payer system for the basic, taking into consideration the quality of care, and not the simple prolongation of life. Universal access would include pre-natal, prevention, medical, mental and dental. My idea is unique, it is not in the Democratic or Republican party, is to abolish all the existent systems, such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA and the Armed Forces where medical facilities are available, and to enact legislation to limit severely malpractice litigation eliminate “pain and suffering”. The only payment would be through arbitration of loss of income, since medical treatment would be guaranteed through the system. Liberalization of many prescription drugs to be sold over the counter, such as many antibiotics, medications for colds, allergies, for arthritis, asthma, skin, etc. This could be accomplished through a panel of experts, we already have may prescriptions over the counter, which used to be until recently dispensed by Doctors only. Co-payment for every person would be between 0 to 50% depending on income. The rest would be fully paid by the system. Every one will have an ID card, which includes his SS number, date-of-birth, state abbreviation, and the ZIP code where he resides, this ID to be used anywhere in the country.

No. 3. Taxes. Eliminate the loop holes, let every person participate in the tax system at a proposed flat rate of 10% of net worth, or equity when it is held over one year, the net worth includes tangible and intangible assets, such as house, car, savings, land, gold, jewelry, paintings, animals, such as livestock, pets, dogs, cats, birds, etc. The 10% will be paid to the Federal Government, which would be shared at a percentage negotiated by each state, and each state with counties and Cities, there wont be any deductions of any kind, everybody, poor or rich will pay this percentage. There should be some way to calculate the assets of the corporations. I believe this tax system will generate enough money to eliminate the Federal Deficit without any amendment to the Constitution, the Constitution should be left alone, it is a precious and historical document. The tax system also will give every Citizen the satisfaction that he or she is participating like everybody else.

No. 4. Foreign Affairs. I always believed the United States is the only Superpower, not due to its military might, but to its rich land, rivers, its vitality, and economic system. Trade should be a two-way street, barriers should be abolished, no subsidy from any government. We should have diplomatic relation with all countries of the world, there won’t be any favored, or unfavored nations in trade status. Those countries who open their markets for us, we will open for them. However, foreign aid should be given to those governments who respect their people, do not violate their human rights, or infringe on their neighbors. The Arab-Israeli conflict is costing the American taxpayer a lot, my own calculations is $11 billion a year, half of it goes to Israel. If we are paying the bill, we have the right to call the shots. We have got to impose solutions on the parties through the United Nations, through diplomatic and political, just like we did with Iraq. short of military action, otherwise, the conflict will drag on for generations, and the American taxpayer will continue to foot the bill. The Israeli should be pressured to give the Palestinians their self determination and Statehood, along side Israel, the Arab states at the same time, should be pressured to recognize Israel with Internationally secured borders. If time Israelis do not, like a Palestinian State along their side, then I ask them to give them the right to vote and be a citizen of the whole Palestine which I call Abraham, in honor of the Patriarch who was the Father of both Arab and Jews. This Idea was adopted in the resolution passed by our Democratic Grant County in 1990 and 1992, I also published an article in this regard in the Medical Tribune in 1980. We should eliminate once and for all, to act as a policeman to the world. We have been engaged in war every 30 years. Our actions should be exclusively through the United Nations, but without coercing or arm twisting other nations.

No. 5. Transportation. I favor a public transportation especially in big cities with different shifts for different companies, private business, government. For example, 9 to 5, 8 to 4, 7 to 3, 10 to 6. I favor increasing the speed limit from 65 to 75 miles per hour on freeways, and 55 to 65 miles per hour on highways. The only existing restrictions would Continue in the cities and populated areas. This will reduce the jamming of the Judicial system, which is mostly related to speeding, this will make the police officers and the patrols to concentrate more on important issues such as drinking and driving, crimes, drug interception, etc. This will also reduce the stress and the mental anguish for drivers, who most of the time are watching for the State Patrol cars on the Highways.

-Ni: .Faiiijly7 This is the cornerstone of our society. Father, Mother and children, or Husband, Wife and children, though I fully respect peoples choices, the disintegration of family is the No. I contributing factor to delinquency, crimes, drugs, etc. It is a moral decline, though poverty is No. I contributing to this disintegration. It is a vicious circle, one leading to the other. It was frightening when I listened to ABC Primetime yesterday. June II. 1992, that a car is stolen every 19 seconds, which amounts to 1.7 million ears a year. Just see what will happen when police strikes in any city or when the lights go off. How many shops and properties will be attacked and sacked? It is not just money which will resolve the whole thing, it is the family as the base for our society. I oppose abortion on personal and moral grounds, but as an American I do not impose my morality on others, nor do I expect the Government to do the same. We should concentrate our efforts on adoption or prevention of pregnancy. The welfare system is badly abused, the most important job a woman can have is the noble idea of being a wife and mother and we should make every incentive and encouragement to stay with the kids, rather than relying on daycare centers and baby-sitters. This will cut down on disintegration of family units. I also strongly favor that the woman retain her maiden name after marriage. I talked about those values early this year on my platform before Vice President Dan Quayle talked about Murphy Brown.

No. 7. Drug and Alcohol. Alcohol should be treated like a drug, and it is the number one problem in this country. It is the “Mother of all Evils.” It should be banned from advertisement. The alcohol contents in the beer and wine should be lowered to less than 2% and the hard liquor should be dispensed just like a drug. We have to fight drugs at all levels, from producer, to the intermediate drug dealers, to the consumer, at the same time, we should provide a budget of at least $1 billion dollars for those countries in order to plant something else than the Coca and in order to continue receiving aid, they should stand on their feet, and help them to produce crops and open their market for trade with Os, so that our money won’t be wasted. As far as the kingpins. who distribute drugs, should be severely punished, the consumers should he warned or sent to jail if they buy drugs or consume it. Those who drive under the influence of alcohol, being intoxicated, their cars should be confiscated, they should serve compulsory community service and jail time. The National Guards and some of the Armed Forces should be stationed in those areas which are infested with drugs and crimes and those same branches of armed forces or National Guards should be used to monitor the borders, to intercept drugs coming into the U.S.

No. 8. Campaign PACs and Congress. Americans have a very low esteem of the Congress who concentrate more of their efforts on their re-election rather than tackling the problems of the country In order to cut down on this problem, and make the election more reasonable, I propose the campaign to be one month before election day, which is the month of October. Financed totally by public funds, federal or state, those who are eligible to receive funds in October, would be eligible if they collect signatures, equal to for example, 5% of the registered voters in that particular area or State in the previous 2 months. Candidates are entitled to equal time in the press or media. I propose the Congress meet in a different state every year, instead of Washington D.C. It is not in the Constitution that the Congress has to be in Washington D.C. This means every state would host the Congress once every fifty years. This is very exciting and this would throw the interest groups and the PACs off balance. It would allow members of Congress to know other states. The state should be chosen by lottery and be known only in the middle of the previous year.

No. 9. Environment. We should look at the environment as global, tigers in India, wild flowers in Madagascar, the rain forest in Brazil and Panama are just as important as the spotted owl in the Cascade Mountains. We should contribute $1 billion dollars a year to help under developed countries, to preserve wildlife and to protect the environment. Future aid should be contingent on those countries to stand on their feet, to preserve the environment and to open their markets to free trade, which allows that money contributed to the country to be compensated for in Investment opportunities of our products, provided they conform with the environment, culture and particular make up of that country. It is also important to emphasize the environment in our own country, to preserve the forests and the endangered species. If we loose the spotted owl, and other endangered species they are lost for ever. That is more important than losing the jobs, jobs are a temporary thing, and could be recreated, or if there’s a clash between time environment and the jobs, I favor the environment. Billions of dollars are wasted, 15 billion dollars a year going to foreign aid which are military and I favor cutting most of the foreign aid like Patrick Buchanan advocated in his Presidential bid. I favor cutting time defense budget, particularly those used to defend Europe, Japan,, South Korea, etc. That will save us billions and billions of dollars which could be used in the environment and to combat drugs and alcoholism. I proposed this idea on my platform when Iran for the Legislature in 1984.

No. 10. The Gulf War. I opposed the Gulf war from the beginning. We could have accomplished our objective by economic embargo against Iraq, to get it out of Kuwait. There was much misinformation regarding the reason why we went to war, among them:

I. Oil, but I don’t believe that is the case, since on my two visits to Kuwait and Baghdad in Sept. 1990, and Jan. 1991, 1 talked to high officials of the Iraqi government and they indicated to me that they were willing to sign an agreement through the United Nations and OPEC, that a barrel of oil would not exceed 525 for the next 5 years. I wrote an article about this point in a letter to the only English newspaper in Baghdad, the Baghdad Observer in Sept. 1990.

2. It was also mentioned that the Iraqis were threatening to take Saudi Arabia, but that was false, because Saudi Arabia is a big country, which had a treaty with Iraq. I was told by high officials of the Iraqi government that there were military orders that went to commanders in the field not to cross the border to Saudi Arabia or to come close to its borders.

3. Was it because Iraq took another small country, when Kuwait was part of Iraq until 60 years ago. But I don’t believe that was the real reason for this, new world order invented by President Bush. The United Nations has had many resolutions regarding the Palestinian Israeli conflict. ‘lime United States never pushed the United Nations to enforce those resolutions and look what is happening to Bosnia when the Serbs attacked a newly independent state, and the most we did was some kind of embargo and condemnation through the United Nations. Other reasons mentioned were that

4. Saddam Hussein is a dictator who used destructive weapons on his own people. He was compared to Hitler. But we supported him, we knew him before the invasion of Kuwait. Why did we not do anything about it before?

Also it is of interest that many leaders in that part of time world are similar to Saddam Hussein. In my judgment the most important reason to go to war was for President Bush’s re-election, lie wanted to kick the Vietnam syndrome once and for all by using our’ military might against an underdeveloped country. lie wanted to appear, particularly to time nation, and to the Democrats as a decisive and not a wimp, though this is hack firing now. And in order to do this he had to prepare the American people through the news media, the State Department, and the Pentagon, in other words, to brainwash the American people and prepare them for war, and he used the most powerful, mighty lobby in this country, the Pro-Israeli lobby, just to mention a few who came on the news media, day after day advocating a military strike against Iraq. Among those prominent figures in the political establishment and the news media were Henry Kissinger, Frank Gaffney, Congressman Stephen Solarz, Congressman Larry Smith, Senator Joseph Leiberman, Editor in Chief of US and World Reports. Mortimer Zucherman, Richard Perle and David Horwitz. All of those people are Prominent American Jews, whose main interest was to destroy Iraq as a military threat to Israel. In other words, the Israelis, with their tremendous influence used President Bush to destroy Iraqi on their behalf, and President Bush used this lobby to brainwash the American People and to make him a hero. Now after he did the dirty work for them, they are abandoning him. Their Logo is anybody but Bush. I read their publications. The reason is that President Bush did not allow the 10 billion dollar loan guarantee to go to Israel yet since they mistrust him in his second term to put pressure on Israel. It is a fact that Israel wants no less than 100% support from the United States. The only President who challenged their power was President Eisenhower when he ordered them to withdraw from tine Suez Canal after they occupied it with the help of the British and the French in 1956. Every single President since Harry Truman tried to please them in every way in order to get contributions from the American Jews and to use their influence and votes. During the 1973 war where Israel was in trouble on the battle field, President Nixon rushed to their rescue with massive help, hoping that he would be rescued from Watergate, but to no avail.. They supported Jimmy Carter for his election as President, and he did a great favor to the Israelis by engineering the Camp David Accord and made peace with Israel and Egypt, but when he mentioned, very close to the end of his term about human rights and self-determination for the Palestinians, in a small town in New England, they rallied against him and the Jewish vote went in massive numbers to President Reagan., when a majority of Jews consider themselves to be Democrats. And Carter lost the election. This is what might happen to President Bush. The Gulf War was a disaster, tens of thousands of civilian Iraqis were killed or injured, hundreds of historical and important sites in Iraq were devastated. Those sites are the cradle of our civilization. hundreds of thousands of civilians were expelled from Kuwait, Democracy was not restored in Kuwait, Saddam Hussein is still in power, more than 100 billion dollars were wasted. A small fraction of that would have made a difference in strengthening emerging democracies in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. A very tiny fraction could have prevented those ethnic clashes and prevented starvation in Africa and Bangladesh. ‘Pm asking for your support In order to be “The Job Generator, the Health Provider, the Peace Maker.”