23 July 1968 Follow up letter from Ahmad Totonji

Dear Brother in Islam:

Assalama Alaikam.

We hope that you are doing well and everything is going on satisfactorily.

It has come to our notice that there is going to be an Orientalist Conference in Lisbon, Portugal and we will be very grateful if you could find out for us about the time and the place of the conference. This will be of great interest to some of our brothers who are planning to go home through Europe this summer.

May Allah bless you and reward all your efforts for the service of Islam.

We will very much appreciate if you could send us the name of all the Islamic organizations in Spain and Portugal so that we will be able to send them our publications regularly.

Please convey our salams and best wishes to all our brothers and sisters in your area.

Your brother in Islam,

Ahmad Totonji