21 January 1991 Dr. Said out of Iraq

By Jo Dennis, Managing Editor

Ephrata family physician Dr. Mohammad Said, who was in Iraq and out of contact with his family when war began Wednesday, is safe in Jordan, his wife, Nadia, reported Friday afternoon. According to Mrs. Said, her husband had been on the Iraqi-Jordanian border since the start of the war and was unable to cross into Jordan until Friday.

Mrs. Said received a telephone call from her husband shortly before 4 p.m. Friday informing her he was safe and had brought her brother out of Kuwait with him, she said.

Prior to Friday’s call, Dr. Said had not been heard from since leaving Jordan on Jan. 10 for Kuwait in an attempt to bring out several relatives who were living there at the time of the Iraqi invasion in August, his wife said.

Mrs. Said reported Friday her husband was expected home in Ephrata in four or five days, but noted today his arrival may be delayed somewhat because of travel difficulties.

“I talked with my sister-in-law in Jordan today and she said he is still trying to get an airplane ticket for a flight out of the country, it could be later,” she said.

According to Mrs. Said, the doctor was apparently in an area near where bombing attacks were going on while waiting to cross the border into Jordan “I’m assuming he was near where the bombs were falling because he told me he had never seen anything like it in his life,” she said.

According to Mrs. Said, her brother traveled from Kuwait to Jordan with her husband but two other relatives had decided to remain in Kuwait. She said her brother will be remaining in Jordan where their mother lives and will not be accompanying Dr. Said back to the United States.

Mrs. Said had expressed concern about the whereabouts of her husband shortly before the outbreak of war but later expressed confidence that he was safe.

“I’m sure he made it to Kuwait and I’m sure he is somewhere in Kuwait or Iraq, probably with his brother in Kuwait. The reason I haven’t heard is because of the communication problems. He probably hasn’t been able to call,” she said several hours before receiving her husband’s message saying he was safe in Jordan and on the way home.