Dr. Said’s political philosophy (U.S. Senate camp. 2000)

Though materials were ready Dr. Said decided not to file at the last minute.

The U.S. Senator should be a good legislator and an inspiring leader who represents the state and works well with the federal government. All my life I have been in a position of leadership, meeting with foreign leaders, including kings, presidents and dignitaries. I have followed the six C’s of leadership, which I designate Character, Charisma, Command of the issues, Courage, Compromise, and Commitment. The following is my platform, which 1 will abbreviate. Some of them were in my previous platforms, but simply stated I am pro anything morally good:

1. Pro life. Abortion is morally wrong and should be allowed only if the life of the mother is in danger.

2. Pro family. Strengthen the family, the husband and wife. XY-XX chromosome makes divorce more difficult. Get away from no-fault divorce. Have counseling before marriage. If the marriage breaks down, extend the waiting period one year and encourage the couple to go into counseling and arbitration before the final dissolution. Encourage the wife especially if she has children to stay home if she chooses by providing tax and other incentives as divorce is rampant and breaking families down. Daycare centers are not the answer.

3. Pro universal health care for the basic services at a reasonable cost, with an emphasis on preventive medicine. I am in favor of reporting HIV like any other contagious diseases in order to stop this epidemic and protect the public, though we should strengthen the safeguard against discrimination of AIDS patients.

4. Pro flat taxes, which means the net asset after the end of the fiscal year for poor or rich corporations or individuals. Those assets also include art, jewelry, cars~ livestock, domestic animals, etc.

5. Pro international trade and the assertive right of the state in negotiations with the federal government in terms of commerce to trade with international countries. In the case of the state of Washington to exchange our agricultural products and technologies for cheaper oil from the Middle Eastern countries, which I can accomplish.

6. Pro relatively sober society and drug free society. Limit alcohol consumption on college campuses and at government functions and combat drug addiction by decreasing the demand in the U.S. and reducing the influx from the source of the drug. Alcohol and not tobacco Is the #1 drug and is the mother of all evils in our society.

7. Pro Environment, looking at the Issue as global and help other third world countries for conservation by providing expertise and monetary support.

8. Pro Fairness in Business and Government as I myself experienced discrimination sometimes severe by the Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Health and Social Service, the Board of Pharmacy, and the Quality Assurance Committee as I feel some of those members appointed to the Quality Assurance Committee by the Governor are totally unqualified and some are causing significant harm to the public. 9. Pro elimination of nuclear weapons, which includes missile defense system. I feel the real threat to the U.S. security is not an external force, but from within—~-the disintegration of the family and the moral decline.

10. Pro prevention for sexually transmitted disease, with more emphasis on education and abstinence as sex education in some schools have become a form of pornography and encourage teens to experiment with sex.

11. Pro overhaul foreign aid, which amounts to over $15 billion a year. More than 1/3 goes to two countries: Israel and Egypt, while the sub-Sahara, Africa hardly get $~ million when they are devastated by AIDS. Peace between Israelis and the Palestinians, which could foot the bill of over $40 billion should not be financed by the U.S. taxpayers, but the rich Arab people from the oil-producing countries and the rich Jews from the U.S. and other countries should pay for it.

12. Pro capital punishment for those who commit murder without any extenuating circumstances. DNA should be used. It is a deterrent and a justice for the victims.

13. Pro human rights and democracy. The U.S. government and Congress have a double standard when it comes to the Arab world. They are deadly silent about dictatorship and abuse of human rights In friendly Arab countries.

14. Pro peace. I always believed and worked for peace. It has been my struggle all my life for peace and justice. An example: when I traveled to Iran in the late 70s as the Secretary of the Islamic Medical Association of the United States to free the hostages, I met with the Speaker of Parliament who became President of Iran Hashemi Rasajani, I pleaded with him to stop the war between Iraq and Iran, when I carried a verbal message in l988 between the U.S. Ambassador Vernon Walter in Geneva to Chairman Yasser Arafat, which helped start the dialog between the U.S. government and the PLO, when I was the Chairman of the Arab Americans Against Military Intervention in the Gulf and briefly talked to Saddam Hussein and delivered a letter to him in Baghdad five days before the war urging him to pull out of Kuwait as his country is going to be destroyed and many other issues related to peace.

As you can see, I am a centrist between the left and the right. My appeal is to independents, conservative Democrats, and liberal Republicans. My dream is to establish the Centrist Party, based on those ideas that I will establish regardless of the outcome of this election. If you believe in my ideas and message, I ask you for your help, please make copies of this letter and give it to your family members and friends. Your vote is very important and will make a difference. Your voice is a trust and you will be asked about it when you stand before your Lord in the Day of Judgment. Thank you.