When history recognizes achievements of a Doctor

Arab Perspective
November 20, 1997

The perfect coincidence of need and ability: the Palestinians and Dr. Mohammed Said. That’s why it is his face you see, his voice you hear speaking for his people, brilliantly recasting their cause as a cry for human justice.

Dr. Said was born in Palestine-and is raised on the West Bank. Said left Palestine in 1962 long and active as for Palestinian concerns, Said helped found the Muslim student organization in Europe in the 1960’s.

He has been active in Mideast political movements and the state Democratic Party.

He was elected to the national platform committee for Jesse Jackson in 1988 and served as the vice chairman of Central Committee for the two years 1990 and 1991 He also served as a state delegate officers and state Platform member.

Said is really related by marriage to a top leader of of the top the PLO’s core organization and is also well known to Arafat’s brother Dr. Fathi Arafat, head of the Palestine Red Crescent Society and emergency medical organization, PLO leaders said. Dr. Arafat and Said worked closely at Madrid University in Spain while Said was completing a doctoral thesis in the early 1970’s. Doctor Said is not a politician but a practicing physician for the last 20 years in a friend Washington a former professor of physician board certified in family practice internal medicine injury geriatrics a Ph.D. in preventive medicine and a diploma and public health

Doctor said he holds one of the highest medical qualifications in the U.S.A., including three board certifications, a Ph.D. in preventive medicine and a diploma in public health.

As a Muslim immigrant from Palestine as a positive symbol for the 1 billion Muslims worldwide, he translated this symbol to find identity and equality is the same as the struggle for Palestinian identity and equality.

Dr. site used to foretell the powers that can move the Zionist lobby in United States and how this lobby make makes pressure on the president of United States.

In February of 1993 when President Arafat asked to meet Dr. Said he was advised by Said “to put on the peace table the issues that are most relevant to the Palestinians; the status of Jerusalem the settlements in occupied territories and protection for Palestinians trying to get the White House to Congress to support those rights would be a waste of time I explained because of the pro-Israeli lobby’s tremendous influence. More than 4000 political Israeli action committees collected more than $27 million in the past decade and distributed more than $13 million to congressional candidates. Most were elected. During that period Israel received more than $30 billion from American taxpayers. I told the chairman he must go directly to the American people. I described how the Washington state Democratic Party passed a resolution in 1988 calling for a Palestinian state alongside Israel in 1990 they reaffirmed their resolution and passed to the one calling for withholding the United States economic and military aid until Israel respects Palestinian human rights and accepts U.N. resolutions 242 and 338.”

Doctor Said has rare ability to translate his people’s longings into homely domestic terms. “In my little town of Green for instance the 5000 residents have too little drinking water, yet Lizar and Baraka, the two settlements around in my village, have plenty of water for swimming pools. It was settlers who took my village land, burned its mosque, and harassed the school children. I spent my own money to build a concrete wall with barbwire for security around the school. Because of settlements along the road and no longer can show my children how what high-school Nablus in the 1950’s. In 1993 a group of Washington State physicians for Social responsibility and visited Israel the West Bank and Gaza and witnessed the brutalization of the Palestinians by Israelis. His release half violated the sanctity of the hospitals treating injured kids from their beds. We’re forced doctors to report any injured patients to the authorities within 10 minutes. I told Arafat how Harvey my niece’s husband came to see me in Jerusalem. With sadness in desperation in his eyes he told me about spending a night in jail because he had no permit to enter Jerusalem in his own country. They fined him $80, all he had to feed his children for a month.”

Yes, he turns on for the camera and no doubt about it. But this is no act, only the projection of a lifetime commitment to alleviating the pain that history has imposed on his people. The intensity and may be veiled by no-nonsense tones and a vocabulary of moderation, but it is always there.

” I feel very strong need to convey the human quality to real image of our people and never came through before. ” he says. ” I’ve never far away from Palestinian reality ”

Said’s attendance at the PLO conference in Algiers in mid November 1988 and at the UN session in December 13th was confirmed in interviews with Riyadh chief of the PLO’s U.S. mission in New York City and Clovis marks to the ambassador to the UN for the League of Arab states.

The Algiers conference was a gathering of top PLO leaders at which a declaration of Palestinian independence was forged. There, Arafat made the first tentative steps toward easing relations with the United States. ” my people are suffering, ” Said told the PSA ” I like them to have dignity, a flag, a passport. They were not as lucky as me to emigrate to this great country. I just want to help my people.”

In Geneva talks about the site helped promote a draft resolution for a comprehensive peace for Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. As a delegate, Said explained that he had short discussion with Arafat about a proposed peace resolution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Arafat, he said, was grateful for efforts by people involved in the peace process, including those from Washington state.

Washington State Democratic Convention resolution writers ” were in the front line, and we should be proud that we’re part of the history,” Said added as he explained how the platform writers in Ellensburg and Olympia had handed the resolution that enabled face-to-face talks to take place in Algiers, Algeria, Geneva, and Tunisia. The Arab-Israeli peace resolution drafted by 12-member Democratic state Platform Committee in Ellensburg was approved by the Democratic State Convention in Olympia in November 1988. That document, along with once put from people in other places in the world, became, without much change, the essence of the draft document approved in Algiers in Geneva, explained Said; ” this is the first time in 40 years there’s a chance to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, but it’s a complex issue that needs lots of negotiations and patient ” side said.

Doctor Said was referring to Arafat’s renouncement of acts of terrorism and recognition of Israel’s right to exist and the PLO leader’s affirmation he would be consistent as private and public statements. Riyadh on sewer and also was in Geneva, said Dr. Said, ” we appreciate the contribution of every individual, every country, in paving the way toward convening of an international peace conference. ”

Site traveled to Kuwait just prior to the Persian Gulf war and spoke briefly with Saddam Hussein at the Islamic conference. During the war, he led demonstrations against the fighting and hold press conferences in Jordan at the Washington National Press Club and at the United Nations.

Side opposed the Gulf War from beginning. ” we could accomplish our objective by economic embargoes against Iraq, to get out of Kuwait. ”

” I was told by high officials of the Iraqi government that there were military orders that went to commanders in the field not to cross the border to Saudi Arabia or to come close to its borders, ” Dr. Said said.

When a press conference intended to show the world first film footage of lifting Kuwait after the the Iraqi invasion, it was dominated by fighting journalists trying to determine who has property rights to the film.

The the Cable News Network (CNN) tried to block Dr. Mohammad Said from showing his video cassette to journalists claim that since the use CNN camera and film the network had exclusive rights. But the problem is not that simple; Dr. Said shot only part of the film using the CNN camera and used ” his friend’s” camera to shoot another part.

After shouting matches and ” negotiations ” between Said and CNN correspondents who were one point accused of blackmailing the doctor, the film was shown excluding the park shot with the CNN camera. After the much awaited premier one journalist commented:” if they (CNN) were going to give Dr. Said their camera, at least they could have shown him how to use it. ”

At the beginning, the film was black-and-white and viewers got slightly dizzy watching the unfocused clips. Then, color came and the sound was lost.

Said, chairman of the committee of Arab Americans against U.S. intervention in the Gulf, said he came to this area as a peacemaker. He said that even if the political situation ” takes years it is better than a devastating war in which everyone will lose, ” including the United States. He said that he had come here to prevent war and that this was not the first time he was involved in peace missions to the area.

” I went to Iran during the hostage crisis and when the the Iran-Iraq war broke out, I think I played a role in the opening of the U.S.-PLO as well. ”

As an advocate for the Palestinian cause, Dr. Mohammad Said is giving his people a new profile and charmed the West, and his passion and formidable intelligence are as well appreciated on the West Bank and Jordan Syria and Egypt and throughout the Arab Islamic world.