Letter from State Rep. Maxwell

Farley Maxwell Representative– Washington State Legislature (D)

12102 N.W. 21st Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98685
Phone 360 574 0963
Fax 360 573 4797

Dr. Mohammad Said
P.O. Box 40
Ephrata, WA 9882 1-0040

Dear Dr. Said:

Thank you for sending me the information on your campaign for governor. You sound like a remarkable man. I look forward to meeting you one day.

As Democrats we have too many excellent candidates this year. I have committed my support to Gary Locke through the primary. I wish you well and will be happy to support you as the Democrat candidate in the general election, if we have that choice.

Good luck in this campaign, and in other leadership roles in the future. I truly hope that our paths will cross one day.


Farley Maxwell