Dr. Said helps pass unprecedented resolutions

May 15, 1992

1992 WASHINGTON STATE DEMOCRATIC RESOLUTIONS Page 5 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party deplores these violations and calls for the impartial enforcement of American laws pertaining to Human Rights. Future Military and Economic Aid to Israel shall be made subject to:

A. Demonstrated respect for Palestinian Human Rights by immediately halting all the above cited repressive measures and taking steps to dismantle their effects and allowing United Nations Observers to monitor the situation.

B. Cooperation in the peace process by unequivocal acce2tauce of U.N. Resolution 242 and others aimed at resolving the conflict and by agreeing to international supervised free elections for the Pa1est~nian people to elect their own delegates to the peace conference.

27. BE IT RESOLVED that any U.S. loan guarantees to Israel for settling immigrants should be contingent upon Israel’s agreeing to a permanent freeze on building and expanding settlements and related infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza.

28. BE IT RESOLVED that we support a Marshall plan to help the Republics of the former USSR and Eastern European Countries; money appropriated as 50% from existing military aid to Israel and Egypt which amounts to $6-7 billion a year and use U.S. influence on Gulf areas such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Western Europe to participate in this Marshall plan.

29. BE IT RESOLVED that we support the status of Jerusalem as a historical, international city for all faiths, and oppose its annexation and as capital of Israel.