Dr. Said’s Letter to Mrs. Clinton

December 15, 1992

Mrs. Hilary Clinton
The Old State House
Governors Mansion
Little Rock, AR

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

I am writing you this letter and have enclosed copies of materials I have sent Mr. Clinton, hoping that you will pass this material on to him. Out of great respect to you, I know that you have been a close advisor to him. Your work with the children in the United States and your impact on children worldwide will be very significant. I know you are helping him to be a popular and an open President, and he wants to hear about new ideas. My letter to him is basically very much in this regard. I feel I will be very helpful to open communications in terms of culture, trade and others in the Moslim world. As a personal envoy, 191 be able to get Mr. Clinton real facts and feed back much better than the CIA, since I will let him know about the people. He is the one who will make the decision on foreign policy, but he will appreciate knowing the facts without distortion. At the same time, my position will help carry the message from our country that in spite of our different ethnic backgrounds, religions, color, gender and nationalities we work together and we care about each other in this great country. I hope I will hear from you. My wife, Nadia, and my children say hello. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mohammad H. Said