Letter from Dr. Said to George Stephanopoulos

December 15, 1992

Mr. George Stephanopoulos
Director of Communications
Clinton Transitional Team
Little Rock, AR

Dear Mr. Stephanopoulos:

I decided to send you a copy of my letter and the materials I sent to Mr.
Clinton. I sent this material during the campaign, when I talked to a lady from your department, Ann Saterfield. She told me that she would pass this material on to higher authority, and I understood that you were the one.

You will see in the material that I sent Mrs. Saterfield some suggestions and ideas. Please pass this letter and the materials to Mr. Clinton.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding my letter and these ideas that are included. I was planning to go overseas, but I won’t be leaving until January 13, 1993.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you


Mohammad H. Said