An Equitable Solution

May 14, 1980

This letter is in response to Dr. Morton Grossman’s letter on Palestinians and oil (MT, Feb. 13), written to comment on Dr. Sackler’s column (MT. Sept. 5, 1979). I believe the problem in the Middle East boils down to one issue; that you, Dr. Grossman, as a Jew from Cleveland, born in the United States, can go to Israel any time and be a full citizen whenever you. wish, according to the “IsraelI Law of Return,” and I, Dr. Said, born in Haifa, with my ancestors going back to the people of Philistians or people of Canaan, who lived before Moses and Abraham, am considered a refugee and cannot even go to Haifa and look at our house on Mount Carmel which has been occupied since 1948 by a Jewish family from Poland.

Until the Palestinian problem is solved, there will be no peace in the area. You just cannot cure a brain abscess by giving only aspirin for the headache. This is why I feel that the Camp David accord is doomed.

I believe the solution to the Middle East problem is either a compromised or an ideal one; the compromised one is the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; and the. ideal one is to abolish the name of Palestine and Israel altogether and rename the country “Abraham” who was the father of both Jews and Arabs, so that his sons from Hagar—lsmael, and Sarah—Isaac, can live together side by side.


Chairman of Political Action Islamic Medical Association of

U.S.A. and Canada Hankinson, N.D.