1984 September 13 Vote for Dr Said for State Representative

13th District, Position No.1 Democrat

A message from the “Committee to Elect Dr. Mohammed Said” to the voters of the 13th District

When Dr. Said chose to run for State Representative, he knows as a professional it was going to be a great sacrifice. If elected however, having a new partner care for his patients during the Legislative sessions made that decision easier. As a medical doctor, a part-time farmer, and a former teacher, his experience in the last twenty two years in the western world, his knowledge of diversified cultures and languages, his travels and contacts with businessmen, dignitaries and some heads of state overseas makes our effort to better market Washington State products and attract investments of capitol to our 13th District from abroad more fruitful. Dr. Said’s concern is focused locally and includes establishing offices in several towns so that he can be accessible to the people and listen to their concerns. Dr. Said will also provide free medical consultations one full day a week on a rotational basis when not in full time legislative sessions.

Dr. Said’s platform has broad appeal, including health care, environment, wildlife, education, nursing homes, keg beer registration, a new approach to combating drug abuse, alcoholism, compulsive gamblers, and full summer employment for our teenagers.

Dr. Said is for traditional family values including ERA for women. Although he personally is not for abortion, he will not impose his morals on others. He is for the Rainbow Collation, but does not endorse the life styles of gay and lesbian members. He supports Amnesty International which helps political prisoners everywhere. Dr. Said is for nuclear freeze and banning of military aid to areas of conflict provided other super powers do the some. He believes that our allies should pay for military hardware and the cost of our armed forces stationed on their soils at their request.

Dr. Said is a people’s candidate whose election will have an impact beyond District 13 and Washington State. If you feet that Dr. Said is your choice, that his election will benefit our district, that it will send a message to the professional and political establishment, then he would appreciate your vote. However, if you are inclined to vote for familiarity or the status quo, for names like Bob or John rather than Mohammad, we still thank you for taking time to read this ad.

Paid for by the “Committee to Elect Dr. Said”, Democrat, District 13, Representative, Position 1

Co-Chairs: Virgil Donovan, Mary Anne Nichols. Treasurer: Roger Palmer, CPA. 1716 C St. SW, Ephrata, WA 98823. Phone (509) 754-4593.