Letter to the editor of the IWMG

March 10, 1986

Dear Brother Editor of the IWMG,

I received your elethelmic World Medical Journal for the first time at my office today, Saturday, in Ephrata the state of Washington. I was very happy to see the elethelmic World and Medical Journal in action.

As you know we received tons of magazines a day, some of them very highly scientific dealing with all kinds of medical, legal, ethical, etigocial, etc. So basically for us as N.D. in This country we do not need any extra medical journal to deal with purely scientific issue which we are aware of, however I very strongly feel that this magazine will serve a great purpose as a plate form for mostly and other medical scientist to communicate with their fellow doctors in the Moslem countries and at the world at large as you mention in dour editorial.

Also it would be a pention to the health problem in the Moslem communities and their causes. This is absolutely important in this and should be the primary objective of this magazine, to deal with things related to Islam or the Moslem ummah and in this aspect I strongly support and will contribute with my articles or what ever I can. In this aspect I was very happy to read the articles related to this issue such as the inspirational dimension of health, the hepticelcarcoma in Egypt, Alakh Moslem world health, etc. But I skipped completely the articles on current practice, the review articles, etc.

I do believe that the majority of the doctor’s in the United States or Canada support my views although I cannot speak for the doctors in the Moslem countries to might not be up to date on current medical practice and I question if this is the right plate form for this kind of knowledge. I think my contribution is to send you a display which I called Dr. Said’s Ten Commandments which deal with belief and philosophy and many of those issues are from our religion. Of course there are some items which they may not agree with the Islamic point of view but I am writing this to Christians and I would say that the impact of those ten commandments was very positive. I also am sending my brochure when I ran as a candidate for the state representative and you will see that on the cover of the brochure there is quotation from the holy Quran and some medical issues are related to this.

Another interesting article about why we do not teach medicine in the Arab countries. I very strongly believe this; indeed I had a personal experience last year when I attended the Jordan Medical Association and wanted to talk about some issues and started talking in Arabic I could not proceed because I had to rely on my English to explain and I frankly felt very ashamed end very upset not being able to communicate those ideas in Arabic.

In spite of this I am a strong advocate of teaching the medicine in the Arabic language and I reel very sorry for those Arabic and Moslem countries which can do it and I feel the excuse not to use it because of lack of translations and other excuses are a conspiracy just to keep the Arabic language away from science arid medicine. I think we should start doing something about it.

We have the scholars, we have the technology, we have the money, we have the motive to do it and why we can’t do it. I believe any Arabic University with the help of the Government will be able to carry that program in less than five years.

Finally I am happy to be part of this magazine and I would say as a Moslem to my brothers and friends. If you feel those materials that I am sending you are worth of publications I have no objection in being published.

Thank you very much.


Dr. Mohammad H. Said, M.D.