Letter from Sallie Shawl concerning participation in peace panel

July 10, 1989

Dear Mohammad:

Relying on the hope that it’s better late than not at all, and with much embarrassment about the delay in getting this letter to you, I want to thank you ever so much for participating on the panel in Tacoma in May. I thought it was a wonderful evening, and your presentation and perspective were a very important part. Also, Rabbi Anson Laytner told me that he enjoyed being on the panel with you; here’s to dialogue, and more of it.

We (the planning committee) all feel good about the series. Attendance was phenomenally good for Tacoma, and quite a few people came to all four of the panels, and many to all three. I personally wish more people from the Jewish community had come (I look forward to more members of the Jewish community participating in the dialogue process), but this was a good beginning; several members of the Temple came and found that we were attempting a well—balanced series, and I am told that we as a group (the Arab— Jewish dialogue group in Tacoma) have more credibility now. So here’s to beginnings.

So again, thanks so much for your willingness to be a part of the series. I look forward to seeing you, possibly at a Middle East program, or perhaps a Rainbow Coalition meeting!


Sallie E. Shawl
for Tacoma Arabs, Jews & Others for Peace