Mohammad Said for Governor, Democrat

This statement, with some minor revisions, was sent to the office of the Secretary of State on August 5, 1996 as part of an information service to the voters of Washington State.

I am 57 years old, married with three teenage children. I am not a politician, but a practicing physician for the past 14 years in Ephrata-Columbia Basin. If elected Governor, I will be a new breed, offering real changes. As a for­mer teacher and a physician (Board-Certified in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics with a Ph.D. in Preventive Medicine, and a Diploma in Public Health), I understand the importance of education and health care. As a Muslim immigrant from Palestine, as a positive symbol for the 1-billion Muslims worldwide, I will transfer this symbol into business opportunities for our state.

As a Democrat, I have been intensely involved with the State Democratic Party for 14 years as a delegate, state platform member, Rainbow Coalition; Vice-Chairman, Democratic Central Committee, Grant County; and in 1988, I was elected to represent the State Democratic party on the National Platform. I ran for State Representative in 1984 and for US Senate in 1992. I have contributed significantly in international affairs, peace and human rights, health care, and the environment. My involvement at the local, state, national, and international levels is detailed in my flyer (to receive it, dial 1-800-Hello-DR).

The Governor should be a leader who inspires people for positive changes. All my life I have been in a position of leadership, meeting with foreign leaders including kings, presidents, and dignitaries. I have followed the six C’s of leadership, which I designed: character, charisma, command of the issues, courage, compromise, and commitment.

If elected Governor, I will lead and implement nine programs that no other candidate can match:

1. Form trade delegations to export Agriculture and Technology and promote Tourism to oil-rich Middle Eastern countries, worth billions of dollars. This will increase state revenue and create jobs, targeting welfare recipi­ents, displaced loggers, and young people. Establishing such relationships with these countries will provide an avenue to promote peaceful relationships and provide a mutual benefit to all. In meeting with these countries, my background will be an asset.

2. Reform the welfare program by eliminating food stamps and cash except for the disabled and the unemployed. Instead find any jobs for the needy, subsidized by the government, in the public and private sector and pur­chase food from the farmers. Subsidize housing, day care, and health care, depending on income.

3. Consider alcohol the Number 1 drug problem. Limit alcohol at government functions and college campuses and combat other drug addictions.

4. Combat teen pregnancies, student cheating and truancy at the school level.

5. Encourage abortion prevention through education and counseling, installing telephone hot lines for this pur­pose, and encourage adoption as an alternative.

6. Reform the health care system for universal access to the basics at a reasonable cost, with emphasis on pre­ventive medicine.

7. Elect Board/Commission members rather than appointing them to promote better quality and accountability.

8. Use the military in our state, after adequate training, for natural disaster relief, such as wildfires, floods, etc.

9. Initiate campaign reforms by providing public funding, and limiting spending to between $20,000-$50,000/person in the primaries for local and state office, shortening the campaign to 3 months, and ensuring equal time for all candidates in the news media with major involvement of the League of Women Voters. It is unfair that most of my campaign finances came from my personal savings (<$50,000) while those front run­ners collected and spent over a half million dollars per individual, with special interest groups behind them. I need your support and your family and your friends’ votes. Bless those who believe in someone who is committed to act on your behalf, not on the behalf of special interests. Thank you.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type="1_3"][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]