Letter from Ahmad Totonji

Muslim Student Association of the United States and Canada
Shabaan 18, 1386 (December 1, 1966)

Dear brother in Islam,

Assalamu Alaikum.

It has been for a long time the aim of the Muslim students all over the world to form an international Muslim students body which would represent their feelings and desires, and would be able to represent them in all the occasions when the need arises. As you are well aware that there are two international student organizations in the world representing the two major political camps in various parts of the world. It is nigh time that we should try to form this Muslim student body.

In the International Seminar held in Nigeria on July 2 through 10, it was, unanimously adopted to form such an organization, and they had set up a preparatory committee in Nigeria to work towards the achievement of this goal. They had also decided to hold a preparatory meeting in Sudan to outline and establish a constitution for such an organization.

The Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada, in its last annual general convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan, held on September 2 through 6, it was unanimously adopted to work towards the establishment of such an organization. A committee was established to work for. this goal.

It is my pleasure to tell you that we are willing to cooperate with you and all the other Muslim student organizations. All over the world to bring this association into reality as soon as possible. Therefore, I would, very much appreciate if you would let me know about your opinion on the formation of such an organization, and if you would be able to cooperate with us. Preferably before December 20, so that I may be able to plan the work on some firm basis, and ;if necessary, I will be very happy to make a tour to contact some of the, major Muslim student organizations in the- different’ parts of the world. however, I would prefer that we should not go to such an expense if we can do without it.

May Allah bless you and help us all to be able to serve the cause of Islam to the best of our abilities, and may He grant us the patience and strength to be able to continue this work.

The President and executive committee of the Muslims Students
Association of the U.S. and Canada conveys their best wishes and regards to you and all the members of your association.

Your Brother in Islam,

Ahmad Totonji, chairman

p.s. In case you are not the person representing the national organization in you country, I would be very grateful if you could kindly forward this letter to the person who is in charge.