Letter from Dr. Said addressed to MIRA (Dr. Saad Al-Fagih)

Bissmillahir Rahmanir Raheem

In the Name of God, the Source of Mercy, the Merciful

Dr. Saad Al Fakeeh Attameemi (Abu Uthman) Founder and Chairman of MIRA (Movement of Islamic Reforms in Arabia)

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Friday, December 10, 2004

Dear Dr. Saad:

I talked to you this morning at 2 A.M. Seattle time and I understand you are extremely busy.

I promised to send you an email at 10 A.M. Seattle time about very important issues, regarding your Movement.

I am sending you this note to let you know that I still will be sending that InshaAllah in the next 12 to 24 hours if you are interested as a Press Release, as my secretary has not been able to type it yet. As I am totally illiterate in the computer, unable to type in English or Arabic though I intend to have a crash course in the near future to learn some of the basic skills of computers

The time now is 11 A.M. local time and the London time is 7 P.M Makkah Almukarramah time is 9 P.M.

It was a pleasure and indeed an honor to talk to you a few times in the last two weeks and I am sorry I missed your call to participate on the air two days ago but I am optimistic that your Movement is going to succeed. However, if you do not accomplish this next Thursday the 16th, as you told the people of Arabia on the air, the Movement will continue until the Saudi Family Clan is over. This will be the start of a popular, peaceful uprising to make changes and spread across the border to many of those Arab regimes who are similar to the Saudi Royal Family though with less evil.

We say it in the United States, a government from the People, by the People, for the People and this should be our Motto in the Arab World.

As you know according to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) that God will send a Mujadded every one hundred years for this Ummah for revival and renewal, as I believe strongly that you are that Mujadded InshaAllah.

Since I listened to your satellite through voice only, I became almost addicted to it, leaving the other stations I used to watch such as Aljazeera, CNN, and others. It is so heartening to know that Al Khair is coming out from Arabia following the footsteps of their ancestors, of those great companions of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). Since you are aiming for a change of the regime I urge you to rename the country as Jamhooriat Al-Herramaien (Al-Herramaien Republic) which will land a devastating psychological blow to the corrupt Saudi’s.

My nephew last night, received an anonymous email from Chicago with the name of Nawaf attacking and accusing you of lies and fabrications, that you are pushing for confrontation through the demonstrators in Ryad and Jeddah which result in blood and injury to many people. I know they are the ones who are lying as I heard you stating over and over again that you wanted a peaceful demonstration and that if the demonstrators are attacked by the security forces they will have the right to defend themselves.

Finally, I read all that is in your website, the Arabic version is good, short and right to the point. But the English version is terrible it is as if somebody who thinks in Arabic, tried to translate his thinking in English. If you allow me I would be glad to edit all that as soon as I can, and then email it to you in order to put it in your web site. The English version in your web site is poorly composed with lots of duplications, and it does not address the west psychology and some of the messages are contrary to what you tried to convey. I have many examples I can tell you about but I don’t have the time right now. I do not believe at this stage you have to give any detailed programs, at least in writing. But given some ideas about programs you feel are important to air on your station is a very good idea and it will give people hope for the future.

The most important emphasis should be at the royal family and the foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1933. The allegiance of the different tribes to King Abdul-Aziz, was conditioned on rule by the Sharia and the establishment of the Shura, which is in a sense is a form of democracy if applied correctly according to the Holy Quran and the Sharia. However, after the oil was discovered three years later in 1936, the King negated those promises to the tribes so that allegiance should have been declared as null and void as the tribes are doing it now on the air after 70 years of broken promises and the contempt of the people’s honesty and integrity.King Abdul-Aziz focused his efforts in security for his own family, be seeking protection from foreign governments first from the British then from the American Government.

Unfortunately, his children who out lived him maybe 40, after his death in 1953 who took the reign of power followed his steps considering Arabia as their property without giving any consideration to the people: banning freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press, pillaging the country resources and taking those out as personal accounts in foreign banks. In other words, the country treasure is for their personal use for those about 30,000, princes and princesses who have fixed allowances, having their own diplomatic passports, their own jets, not going through the Customs like anybody else. Most importantly they are not subject to the Judiciary System thus being given a free hand (in order to make more money) to go into the business of unlawful matter of drugs, prostitution, alcoholism, etc while neglecting the remaining 26 millions of the Saudi people many of them are highly educated and a great number of them are below the poverty line.

When King Abdul-Aziz started to marry from many tribes, keeping four wives all the time thus twisting the law of Allah for polygamy to fit his crazy ideas when it is required in order to be a lawful marriage it should have the intention to be permanent and not simply just to have more women as if they are simply mistresses in order to have many children to increase the number of his own family. Unfortunately his children followed this bad un-Islamic tradition of their father, giving the country over 30,000 princes and princesses who are competing for striping out the economic resources of the country at the same time occupying the important positions in the kingdom so they can keep grip on those economic resources.

I would like to send you a Press Release now and be part of your Movement in any capacity you feel will help your cause which is the People Cause. The most important message is to give to the western world particularly to the United States of America that overthrowing the Saudi government will benefit not only the Saudi people but also the western world, particularly the Untied States. Everybody knows that the violent action against the US from the Saudi’s are directly related to the US administrations supporting this corrupt regime for almost 65 years selling them arms worth tens of billions of dollars retaining almost 30 percent for maintenance and spare parts when in a matter of few years those arms will be obsolete and the circle of buying and retaining the percentage of maintenance and spare parts will start all over again. At the same time using military bases in the land of the two holy shrines Makkah and Madina which are revered by 1.3 billion Muslims around the globe to attack their fellow neighboring Arab and Muslim countries, as those two factors will cease to exist, thus eliminating almost the justification of violence directed against the United States. So I predict that a peaceful co-existence between the Saudi people and the American people will develop and not as before between a super power with a subservient royal family who had been oppressing their own people. It is also very important to emphasis that the country will have a government to be at peace with their neighbors and be a member of the Arab World and the Muslim Ummah.

It is very important to issue a statement about the oil as it is for the west and the United States in particular as the most important factor of concern as the relationship between the new Saudi government and with the European and the United States will be based on mutual interest and respect. It is also important to be put an emphasis that the economy of the country is part of the global economy and will not wreck this global economy by arbitrary decisions regarding production and price of oil as it should be part of the OPEC.

Finally, regarding the status of Saudi women, it was the Saudi Family who made a mockery of Islam when they claimed to defend it,that some of this treatment of women has nothing to do with Islam but rather a cultural and local traditions. In Islam as you know, women are treated in high esteem allowed to participate in the social economic and the political process having the right to vote and be candidates for elected office all within the tenants of Sharia.

I have heard those women, eloquent, highly educated, and poets on your satellite such as Bent Al Farooq, Tameemya and others who are following their ancestors, Mothers of the Believers, and others well-known in Islamic history such as Umm Amarah, Al Khansaa, etc..

Those are just some of the ideas I though I would pass them to you. I will be glad offer my experience: in the news media, public relations, strategy, and political analysis, particularly of the US, at the Movement’s service, I also encourage you to allow supporters outside of Arabia especially from the US and Europe to participate on the air briefly and try to cut down on those lengthy poems and large speeches so that time is allocated to more people and I will be glad to be the first in participating.

Finally, my ultimate goal is to do things I feel I am qualified in this place at this time so that when I stand before God on the Day of Judgment I will say, “Oh my Lord, my Creator, Oh Allah, I did my best. I am humbly standing before You asking for Your Forgiveness and Mercy.”

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Mohammad H. Said (Abu Yasser Al Burini), Candidate for US Senate 2006.Founder and Chairman of the >Front for America First, Not Israel

Bissmillahir Rahmanir Raheem

In the Name of God, the Source of Mercy, the Merciful

Dear Dr.Saad, Spokesman for MIRA

I am sending this statement again to the email you gave to me and as I told you it was sent on Friday 10 A.M. our local time. Please let me know right away that everything arrived and I am in the process of finding out about that international distributor so I need you to email back to me or through the fax the name of that company as I could not get the exact name. Look at the above statement which will give you an idea about how we can approach the issue to the western news media particularly the US. We have to do our utter most efforts then we will ask the All Mighty God for guidance and success. In the next few hours I will be composing a Press Release short, precise, right to the point to look at, and if approved you can realease it to the news media after signing it.

This great Movement of MIRA though it is a Saudi issue in first place is also an issue of Ummah and I would like to be involved as much as I can. You have a tremendous burden and it is important to delegate responsibilities to others which I believe you are doing.

I also talked to a friend from Aljazeera and the in InshaAllah I will use that platform to publicize the march of this extraordinary events which will have a major impact throughout the Arab and the Muslim world.


Dr. Said