March 2001 Hashem Said Responds to a misguided article

Letters to the Editor
The Daily, University of Washington

This letter is in response to the article in your March, 2001 issue entitled “‘Human Rights’ Week Misses the Mark on Israel.” First I’d like to say I can’t refute every argument to the article because I’m supposed to keep this short.

You mentioned the HUB booth? I was one of the students there. I am an educated Palestinian-American, who speaks Arabic and English (Do people in Israel speak Israeli or Jewish, Dan?). Just like Israeli propaganda, Dan(iel Weintraub) does not tell the whole story: My cohort and I were greeting people, not preaching and carousing across the lawn spreading our “slogans and literature.” You don’t talk about the AIPAC, also there stopping people to give them fliers, “literature.”

Your reporter Daniel Weintraub liked to use the word “Arab” a lot. Let’s define this word via A member of a Semitic people inhabiting Arabia, whose language and Islamic religion spread widely throughout the Middle East and northern Africa from the seventh century. This definition does not say Arabs are FROM the Middle East and northern Africa, it just means their culture spread there. They are actually a MEMBER OF A SEMITIC PEOPLE, so how can Israel complain of anti-Semitism? So how can Israel be .1 percent of all the land? This is a bodacious figure. Speaking of figures, where do you get yours? If you make such a powerful argument, you should cite your sources, because they might be fiction.

In the future, be sure to include the other side.

Hashem Said