3 August 1972 Letter to Dr. Sharif

Letter to Dr. Sharif

August 3, 1972.

Dr. 14. Sharif,
Director of Health and
WHO Representative,
UNRWA Headquarters,
Museitbeh Quarter,
Beirut, Lebanon.

Dear Dr. Sharif:

First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your help while I
was preparing my thesis about the sanitary problems of the Palestine Refugees. It was defended before the corresponding Board of Examiners at the University of Madrid on March 15, 1971 obtaining the rate of “Outstanding” and was published a few months later. Since that time I was working at the University of Madrid. I assisted at the International Federation of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine held in September 1971 in Madrid, in which I was elected as Delegate Counselor to establish a relationship between the Federation and the Societies of Preventive Medicine in the Arabic countries. Five months ago, I decided to come to Canada as a landed immigrant; here I am among my family.

I have been accepted at the Ottawa General Hospital for one year before
I get my license to practice, and at the Ottawa University as a lecturer (part time) in the Public Health Department.

I will begin to give lectures in September on subjects pertaining to
sanitation, nutrition etc., in underdeveloped countries. I am very anxious to
give some of these lectures about the Palestinian refugees. Would you please send me the Annual Report of the Director of Health — 1971 and 1972 — and other publications relating to the field of nutrition. I would be grateful if I could receive pictures and slides showing dehydration, kwashiorkor, marasmus etc.

Next year (after June 1973), I am considering the possibility to work at
WHO. Would you advise me? I speak Arabic, English, French, Italian and Portugese. If I stay in Canada, I have a chance to be Assistant Professor full time and also practice medicine and have my own office.

Thank you again Dr. Sharif, and I hope to meet you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

Mohammed Said, M.D., Ph.D.