17 February 1989 Letter to Dr. Said from Jonis Davis from SCIPP

Letter to Dr. Said from Jonis Davis of SCIPP

February 17, 1989

Said Family Clinic
524 E. Division Street
Ephrata, WA 98823

Dear Mohammad:

I’m delighted that you can go to Washington for the Convocation on March 8 and 9 and will co-lead the workshop with Charles and me on Thursday morning, March 9. We’ll be getting more material from Ron Young about it, but the general topic of all the workshops, which are being led by people who have done it, is “How Arabs, Jews and Others can work together for Middle East Peace.” I just talked to Ron and told him you could come, and he said he would send a letter and more information to you about the whole set of events. Needless to say he also is happy that you are coming as he has been hearing about you since last spring.

It will be terrific if you can attend the ACMED meeting on Tuesday (March 7) also. Charles is national coordinator of ACMED, and I’ll ask him to send you the agenda. The ACMED meeting is being held at William Penn House, where we are also staying for the four nights at very modest rates in very modest accommodations which would be available for you too, if you want.

We are leaving Seattle for D.C. on Monday, March 6, on United Airlines #56 leaving at 1:00 P.M. Maybe you could get on the same flight.

That’s it for now. I look forward to talking with you soon.


Jonis Davis