17 August 1972 Response from Dr. Sharif

Dr. Sharif’s Response Letter


UNRWA Headquarters
Museitbeh Quarter
Beirut, Lebanon

17 August 1972

Dr. Mohammed Said, M.D., Ph.D.,
73C Bowhill Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario
K2E 6S8

Dear Dr. Said,

I am pleased to receive your letter dated 3 August 1972 and send you
my heartiest congratulations on your attaining the Ph.D. It gives me further pleasure to know that the facility granted to you at this Department of Health enabled you to obtain a rating of ‘outstanding’ for the thesis you submitted on the Sanitary Problems of the Palestine refugees. I am also happy to learn that you have been accepted at the Ottawa General Hospital for one year which will enable you to obtain your License to
practice and that you are now serving as a lecturer (part-time) at the
Ottawa University.
As requested, and under separate cover, I am forwarding to you a
copy of the Annual Report of the Director of Health for the year 1971, a
representative sample of information papers on Nutrition issued by this
Department, together with a copy of a recent UNRWA publication entitled
‘Health for Palestine Refugees.’ I regret we have no slides.

With regard to obtaining work with WHO, I would suggest that you
secure application forms from WHO Headquarters, Avenue Appia 1211,
Geneva, Switzerland, complete and submit to them and no doubt they will
give full consideration to your application.

Finally there will be I must say it was a pleasure to have met you and I hope an opportunity again in the near future if you do come to Beirut.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. M. Sharif
Director of Health & WHO Representative UNRWA