Statement to Washington State

Statement to Washington State counties to be published in their voter’s pamphlet. This was sent to the following counties: Island, Ferry, Kitsap, King, Pierce, & Snohomish

Dr. Mohammad H. Said for US Senate

P O Box 40
Ephrata, WA 98823
Phone: 509-754-4689
Fax: 509-754-3241

War continues in Lebanon and we still occupy Iraq and Afghanistan. Now Syria and Iran have become targets of our war campaigns. As a nation, we come to the brink of losing our souls and are on the edge of a third world war. Our unfaltering support of Israel is the true instigator. The creation of a One State Solution (Palestinians and Israelis would live under a unified umbrella) will eliminate our problems with the Middle East. For over 26 years I have been struggling for this solution, and in 1990 the Grant County Democratic Convention adopted it. As a Palestinian American who has practiced medicine in the United States for thirty four years, my international recognition as diplomat is invaluable.

My first priority would be to promote this One State Solution as a grass roots campaign among the people. Arabs and Muslims would accept this internationally. This will pressure Congress, where Pro-Israeli support is very powerful. We would give Israel an ultimatum, “We pay the bills, we call the shots,” emphasizing that a state that is only consisting of Jews contradicts our Constitution. Secondly, complete withdrawal of our troops from Iraq by 12/31/07. For more details enter my main website. And for balanced coverage of world news visit:,