Statement to the Secretary of State

Statement to the Secretary of State to be posted on the government’s website.
Friday, July 28, 2006

Statement of 300 words limit sent to Secretary of State by Dr. Mohammad H. Said at the time of filing (with minor revisions) for candidate for U.S. Senate 2006, as a Democrat. It is a public service by the Secretary to the voters of Washington State as information about the candidates and what they stand for, which might be of interest to the voters.

At the last minute I decided to file for U.S. Senate, Democrat. On my website I discussed issues other candidates do not whole-heartedly address: War Powers Act, Iraqi War- troops home, Homeland Security, corruption of judicial and health system, AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) high jacking our foreign policy, control over Congress etc., US foreign policy completely disregarding world harmony.

Problems the U.S. has faced with the Arab and the Muslim world are due to our unjust support of Israel. Israel was rated by 12 European countries, in a survey last year, to be number one threat to world peace. All violence directed against us, including 9/11, was and is connected to this support. We destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq, allowing Israel to destroy Palestine and Lebanon.

Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine were one united country for 1400 years, named BeladAshaam, before Europeans colonized it after World War I. Britain then implanted seeds of conflict to create Jewish entity in 1917 when 5% of population was only Jewish. President Harry Truman, in an attempt to get the Jewish votes during tight campaign in 1948 recognized Israel independence after 5 minutes of it’s declaration against the objection of his Secretary of State, General George Marshall at the expense of indigenous Palestinians, the majority expelled as refugees to neighboring countries.

Recently Richard Cohen, famous Democrat, a Jewish author, wrote “the greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel, itself, is a mistake”. Naturei Karta, Orthodox Jewry Movement from Jerusalem whom I met in Ramallah March 21, 2006 to congratulate new Palestinian Parliament issued a statement advocating One State Solution. This is the answer to all this conflict, a One State Solution where all Semitic people (descendants from Patriarch Abraham), Jews and Arabs (Christians, Jews and Muslims) can live in a secular state like the United States. This is what I have been struggling to do for 26 years.

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