Senate Questionnaire

Office sought: U.S. Senate

Educational background (include schools you attended, year you graduated and degrees attained):
– Diploma in public health at the University of Toronto, Canada, 1974
M.D. University of Granada, Spain, 1967,
PhD in preventive and social medicine University of Madrid, Spain
Internal medicine University of Madrid, Spain.

Occupation/work history:
– I have always been a doctor and currently I am a self-employed doctor with three Board certifications in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics.

Current occupation or job:
– I am currently a self-employed doctor.

Volunteer activities and community involvement:
– I am involved with many local, national, and international activities.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than parking or minor traffic violations? (If so give year convicted, what you were convicted of and jurisdiction where it occurred)
– No

Have you ever been ordered to pay a fine in an administrative hearing or compensation to others as a result of a civil lawsuit?
– No.

We need a photo to accompany our election coverage. Please indicate whether you plan to send us a photo by:
— e-mail Yes I will send via e-mail in the near future.

Policy issues for Congress:

1) At the time that the United States was first debating engaging in a war in Iraq, what was your position on the war based on the information generally available? Can you provide evidence that you made your stand publicly at the time?
– I was always against the war which was based on fabrication and lies. The evidence is found in my website which include many articles in Arabic under the countries-Iraq and in many interviews in English.

2) Based on what you know now, in hindsight, was the decision to go to war in Iraq good foreign policy for the United States? Why or why not?
– The war in Iraq was a proxy for Israel and those who engineered the war who are so-called neo conservatives are all American Jewish Zionists. Elliot Abrahms, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, and a few others. The U.S. invasion created terrorists in Iraq and hatred of the Arab and Muslim world, see my web site for further details.

3) We can’t go back in time and undo the decision to go to war in Iraq. But, in terms of future policy, should the United States now attempt to withdraw troops based on a timetable, or should out troops stay in Iraq as long as necessary to achieve specified goals? If you believe we should stay in Iraq, what specific goals do you think need to be achieved before the troops should be withdrawn?
– Yes, the U.S. should withdraw the troops in Iraq within one year, as the majority who hold the power in Iraq, the Shiite are very smart and obedient to their religious leaders, and once the U.S. spend another 100 billion dollars to build more infrastructure, they will tell us politely to get out and if not, there will be violence. By withdrawing, we are cutting our losses, (but not cutting and running) as the war was a mistake.

4) If you are a Republican, on what policy issues would you differ from the Republican leadership? If you are a Democrat, and if Democrats take control of your house of Congress, what changes would you seek to make in the rules or procedures to make Congress more accountable and more responsive to average citizens?
– I doubt any of the Republicans or the Democrats will be responsive to average citizens because what controls congress is interest groups and lobbyists among the most important of all is the pro Israeli Lobby AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) who keeps support economic and diplomatic to the Jewish state which it’s establishment is against our constitution and considered by 12 European county’s survey as a number one threat to world peace and by the Arab and Muslim world as number one terrorist state on this planet.

5) Do you support an increase in the minimum wage from the current $5.15 per hour, which has been in place for a decade? If so, do you think that issue should be voted upon separately, up or down, or is it appropriate to package it with a vote to repeal the estate tax?
– I support an increase in the minimum wage and to be a separate issue from the estate taxes.

6) Given the status of the federal debt, do you support further tax cuts or making the temporary tax cuts that have been enacted permanent? If so, tell us specifically what federal programs you would seek to cut back or eliminate to bring the annual deficits more under control?
– I do not support any tax cuts and I support elimination of foreign aids particularly to Israel and Egypt which could amount to 10 billion dollars a year or more. Israel used that money to get us in trouble with the Arab and the Muslim world and Egypt a dictorial regime who has been getting our money since Camp David, in the late 70’s, as a bribe for making peace treaty with Israel when over 90% of the Egyptians are opposed to that treaty and most of that money goes to President Mubarak and his cronies.

7) Do you support the Medicare prescription drug benefit as written and enacted by Congress, or do you think the program needs to be amended? If you support changes, what would they be?
– I support getting the federal government involved in making drugs, particularly the generic ones and I will support a co-payment policy, depending on the income of the individual. I will have a detail of this on my website before the primary.

8) Has the federal government done everything it can or should to create the best possible system of health care for U.S. Citizens? If not, what kinds of health care reforms would you support in Congress?
– I support a universal health care for the BASIC only and all other health systems, such as DSHS, VA System should be included and institute the co-payment depending on the income including the welfare system, which is 50% or more, is a rip-off. The health system, as a whole, is in shambles, and as we know, 45 million Americans are without insurance. More detail will be on my website.

9) Congress has still not acted to deal with the long-term viability of the Social Security system. What do you think needs to be done to assure Social Security for today’s younger workers?
– I believe in investing PART of the social security in the stock market provided that losses will be taken care of by the federal government and on the other hand, any profit exceeding a certain percentage, will go to the federal government.

10) In general, do you support the foreign policy developed by the Bush administration? Why?
– It’s a policy of disaster! The whole world hates us. It is not just the Arab and the Muslim world. We are behaving like a cop on the block or like the Pharaoh who enslaved the children of Israel until God saved them by Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, and unfortunately, the Israelis, who the majority are not the old Hebrews, but converted to Judaism in the middle ages, they are oppressing the indigenous population, the Palestinians using American weapons and American diplomacy.

11) Do you think Congress has exerted sufficient oversight regarding actions taken by the Bush administration to pursue the war on terror? Do you support the Patriot Act as it now stands, or would you seek other changes in that act? What specifically would you do to balance the demands of countering terrorism versus the rule of law and constitutional protections of American citizens?
– The war on terror is a play game used for political reasons. As I stated, our unjust support of Israel and our support of the dictatorship in the Arab world are the core of the problem. I guarantee, if we address those two issues in a just manner, 95% of all violence coming from the Arab and Muslim world, will be eliminated. I know this for a fact. As far as the Patriot Act, it is a disgrace. I, myself, faced discrimination and profiling every time I go to an airport. The worst of all was my detention for 4 hours at the U.S. border, when I returned from Canada on New Year’s Eve and in Chicago when I returned from overseas on May 27th of this year.

12) Do you support a ban on federal funding for stem cell research?
– No, I would like to have more time to go into details on this subject.

13) Should immigration be encouraged for discouraged? Should American residents who entered the country illegally in years past but who are now productive members of our society have an opportunity to gain legal status? If so, what should be the conditions for achieving such status?
– Our borders should be very tight and those who come to our country illegally, should pay the consequences. However, those who have been in our country for many years and are good citizens and qualified, should be given U.S. citizenship or legal status.

14) Given the nation¹s energy concerns, which approach do you prefer:
Allowing for increased domestic drilling or offering initiatives to support alternative fuels?
– I support alternative energy, however, the only one which will satisfy our demands, will be nuclear energy, provided that it is safe, 100%!