Front for America First, Not Israel

Mohammad H. Said, MD, PhD, DPH
American Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Geriatrics
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Friday June 4, 2004 6:00 pm
On the eve of the convention

Dear Fellow Americans and Democrats:
As a doctor, if someone comes to me complaining of a severe headache, I would be a very poor doctor if I simply gave him aspirin, without looking at the real cause of this headache, such as a migraine, tension, brain tumor, cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Parallel this to our foreign policy and the ills of our country become all too clear. However, nobody dares talk about the clarity of our mistakes because of fear and intimidation by our government. I am not easily intimidated and my fear is reserved solely for God.

Over the past 20 years I have met many of you through my political activities at the local, state, national and international levels. Throughout this time I have tried to globally introduce resolutions that will end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict peacefully and bring an equitable solution for all. Peace is something that our country has been unable to capture and the future could bring a resolution to this plight, this is what I have dedicated my life to as you will see.

On March 22, 2001 I was invited as a guest speaker for Al Jazeera news network, in Qatar. The program aired for two hours and was viewed by an estimated 45 million all over the world, mainly in Arab nations. The topic was US foreign policy and my argument was to adamantly discourage any violence directed at the United States. I stressed that the only way to change American foreign policy was to work hard in the US, specifically public relations and education. This was six months before 9/11. Despite the tragedies that have occurred I still firmly believe that peace is a possibility in the most dire of situations and my frequent trips overseas are testaments to this belief.

In the late 70’s I went to Tehran to free the American hostages at the American Embassy as the Secretary General of the Islamic Medical Association of North America. Later, in the early 80’s, I went back to Tehran trying to stop the war between Iran and Iraq, which was initiated by Sadaam Hussein with the encouragement of the American Government. Our government sent Donald Rumsfield to meet with Sadaam Hussein in Baghdad to set him against Iran. In that trip I met with the speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mr. Hashemi Refsageni who later on became the President of Iran.

In 1996, when I ran for governor in the Democratic primary, I was almost prevented from speaking out at the convention platform by your Chair Paul Berendt. He, allowed everyone else to speak about their issues. Just when I believed there was no hope of speaking, it was you, the people, who stood up and protested, and allowed me to speak out. Chair Berendt’s actions reaffirmed my lack of faith in the Democratic and Republican parties. Both are subservient to the mighty and powerful Jewish Zionist lobby and their strong alliances in this country. This is why I did not make any significant effort to be a delegate at your convention this year. Being an outsider can give me more freedom and allow me to speak without being tied officially to any party.

At our local caucus, on February 4, 2004, I introduced important resolutions that were adopted and then transcribed by my beautiful daughter, Noor Falesteen. She too, along with my two sons, are strong and well known peace activists. The following are our resolutions:

The First resolution calls for one state in Palestine where Israelis and Palestinians (who consist of Muslims, Jews and Christians) can live in a secular, united country like we do in the United States.
The Second is the withdrawal of our troops completely from Iraq, putting a timetable for transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi government and security to the United Nations along with the Arab League.
The Third to repay the cost of the war in Iraq via a loan to be paid in the future by the Iraqi government, to compensate the Iraqi victims of the war and the embargo which was enforced by the U.S and British government for last13 years.
The Fourth is to call for an amendment to the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 3. This amendment gives the federal government the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations. This should be changed and, rather, this responsibility should be delegated to the individual states in order to stimulate competition among states and create business. (I found this amendment a problem in 1996 when I was running for governor trying to form a delegation of business people to visit the Middle East. We could have received contracts worth millions of dollars on behalf of our state. But, I was told that any foreign trade delegations had to be approved by the Federal Government.)
The Fifth is to call for an amendment to the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11; the War Powers Act. This power is delegated to the U.S. Congress. Our Congress is highly influenced by special interest groups, particularly by the mighty sinister AIPAC lobby (American Israeli Public Action Committee) whose only goal is to support a foreign country 8000 miles away, called Israel, even if it means great loss for the American people. Declaring war should be delegated to two thirds of legislators of the states: a legislator is closer to the people.
The Sixth is that the Patriot act should be revised so that it no longer infringes on the civil rights of any American citizen. (My children and I have all experienced profiling and racism due to the Patriot act, which does not seem to be patriotic at all. This act gives our government the green light to do whatever is necessary regardless of our rights as Americans.)

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: As an American of Palestinian descent, born in Haifa, which has now been assimilated into Israel, I was kicked out of my home in 1948, I know the conflict and how we need to resolve it. You might ask yourself why the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is important to the US and what it has to do with us. In your subconscious your answer would probably be that it is not important and that it does not affect you. This would be correct if this were a conflict in Bosnia or Somalia or wherever, but the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directly affects our lives, economy, diplomacy and politics. The acts of terrorism against our country and the large military expenses our government has burdened us with are all connected to this conflict.

Let me explain:
When European Jews had their first meeting in Basil, Switzerland in 1895 they decided to establish a Zionist movement to find a homeland based on the discrimination they suffered at the hands of Europeans. This lead to their decision to make Palestine their homeland and it was the biggest mistake they ever made. History shows that when they chose Palestine, it was under the Ottoman Empire, which now is Turkey, for 500 years. In spite of the monetary offers to the Sultan Abdul Hamid, and even though his empire was burdened in debts, he refused to give any part of Palestine to the European Jews, stating that it was a Muslim and Arab country where all religions; Christians, Muslims, and remnants of Semitic Jews had lived in peace. However, the Jews took advantage of World War I and joined the allies against the Germans and the Ottoman Empire in exchange for a promise to establish a homeland in Palestine. This happened in 1917 with the famous Balfour Declaration from Great Britain. In other words, the British gave Palestine, which was not of their own, to people who were not Palestinian. Imagine Great Britain giving the US as a new homeland for France, does this seem just? The Jews in Palestine, at that time, were remnants of the true ancient Hebrews. They were less than 4% of the population who owned less than 5% of the land. So truly it was a big lie propagated by the Zionists: A people without a country came to a country without people. With the help of the British, against the will of the indigenous population, they started to immigrate before the Nazis came to power. When they established a Jewish State in 1948, the Jews were less than on third of the population who owned less than 20% of the land despite that massive migration. Ben Gurion declared independence and called this Zionist state the name Israel and it was recognized by the United States about three minutes after Gurion’s announcement by President Harry S. Truman. When his Secretary of State, General Marshall, protested that it will antagonize the Arabs and will create instability in the Middle East, Harry Truman looked at him and asked him how many constituents were of Arab background. That was the first time the Israeli/Palestinian conflict entered into our domestic issues and it has been gradually creeping into our system since that time. There was only one President who ever ordered the Israelis to pull out of anything: the Suez Canal in 1954 after they invaded Egypt with the help of the British and the French. This hero was President Dwight Eisenhower. Since then, no president has had the courage to stand up to the Israelis and their cronies in the United States.

Our economic assistance to Israel, which I call extortion and a rip off, was 100 Million dollars in 1949 and has reached to a conservative estimate of over 5 billion dollars this year. 1.5 billion of our dollars goes to Egypt just to keep them quiet and to keep their relationship with the Israelis peaceful. This money dealing policy also applies to Jordan who gets up to 500 million dollars a year. The direct monies given to Israel in the last forty years exceeds 120 billion dollars. The cost of wars and others expenses of defense and economic losses related to this conflict, our unconditional support of Israel, has cost us trillions of dollars. These losses are not just economic, we have had serious diplomatic losses as well. Globally we are the only country who unconditionally supports Israel and who opposes United Nation resolutions relating to Israel. Sometimes we find ourselves only supported by two tiny states, the Marshall Islands and Seychelles, both republics’ populations amount to less than the population of Spokane, WA. A public opinion survey in 12 European countries, published in the last few months, showed that 59% of Europeans stated that the most dangerous country to world peace is Israel. This was not widely shown because the major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and Fox) are Jewish Zionist dominated and will not print out such things. These are not speculations but facts. For example, a leading network calling for a cultural and religious war is Fox News and its magazine affiliation is the “Weekly Standard”, owned by the Zionist Jewish, Australian billionaire Rupert Murdock.

Since I came to the United States I have tried to see if we could resolve this conflict by creating two states side by side, one for Israel and one for the Palestinians. I introduced this resolution in 1988 with the help of a Jewish woman in Seattle, Sara Kaplan, calling for a 2-state solution. It was approved by the convention making it the first time in history. However, I became disillusioned that the Israelis are only trying to buy time to increase their settlements and transfer the Palestinians out of their remaining homeland by all means necessary, including the construction of a wall that they call a security fence.

Yesterday at 11:30pm, a program aired on Al Jazeera whose host was the very reputable Ahmad Mansoor. The guest on this program was none other than Peter Hanson from Denmark who is representative of the United Nations for the Palestinian refugees. When questioned by Mr. Mansoor about a report that he was caught crying while he inspected the demolition of homes in Gaza he admitted that this was true. He also stated that he witnessed the murder of a 7 year old boy by an Israeli soldier. This is indeed sad news but certainly not an isolated incident. This has been the norm for Israel for the last 56 years. Most Palestinians and internationals, who have visited or lived in Israel, have witnessed similar incidents. These stories are well known to the rest of the world yet the government has blinded the American public from these very truths. With my own eyes I saw the inhuman violence inflicted by Israeli soldiers. One little 3 year old boy was brought by his mother on June 25, 2002, to Sheik Zaid Hospital in Ramallah, when I was stranded there because of the Israeli curfews. This happened after I met with Chairman Arafat on almost a daily basis between June 16th to June 22nd 2002. The boy was brought to the emergency room and as a doctor, I examined him, and asked his mother what happened. She told me that Israeli soldiers heard their TV and they came rushing in to watch the last game of the world soccer match. One of the soldiers knocked the boy from the stairs, and he fell to the ground injuring his head. They did not care. They simply went inside to watch the last game, closed the door, and when they finished watching they left without paying any attention to the boy who was bleeding. It took the mother an hour or more to get an ambulance to take him to the hospital. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is the only Army in the world that uses American bulldozers to destroy homes (as it has happened in Rafah camp, some people were inside when the home was bulldozed, Peter Hanson admitted.) It is this mechanized army that pulls trees, some of which go back hundreds of years or more. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is the mother of all wars. Israel, which is portrayed as a democracy, is only a democracy for Jews. How would you feel if the Constitution of the United States and its laws only applied to Anglo Saxons?

I am sure the Zionists will label me as anti-Semitic. They use this cheap shot to silence anybody who criticizes Israel. However, if we use biology as a marker, who is Semitic? I challenge Zionist Jews, as I did in 1990 at the Democratic Convention in Spokane, for a DNA test. I who can trace my ancestry back to the patriarch Abraham and his son Ishmael versus those who come from the Ukraine, Poland, or Brooklyn, claiming to be Jews, let us see who is the real Semite. We have been in this conflict for over 100 years and it will be another 100 years unless we have the courage to say enough is enough. I called for one state resolution in an article in the Medical Tribune in 1980 and our Democratic convention in Grant County passed a resolution in 1990. My caucus reaffirmed that resolution in February 2004 and I ask you to continue the chain and reaffirm it yet again.

The Iraqi War:
Our government is trying to convince us that there is justification for war in Iraq because of our overwhelming fear of weapons of mass destruction. I knew since 1995 that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I delivered a speech as chairman of Arab Americans Against Military Intervention in the Gulf at an Islamic conference and questioned the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. I had a meeting with the Minister of information and Culture, Hamid Hamdi, who was the Secretary to Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War in 1990. He told me there were no weapons of mass destruction. They knew that the US spy satellites are so sensitive that they can detect a license plate of a car in a Baghdad street so how can they hide some weapons of mass destruction. I have known that they had none and so did our government which is why they pushed, quickly, for an invasion of Iraq. Our government’s justification for the war is a spun web of fabrications and lies. Now they are trying to blame the CIA as a result George Tenet resigned as scapegoat. The real fabricator is Israeli intelligence in which we rely on so solidly. This war is not for oil, this war is for Israel.

The Iraqis are not stupid people, their culture and civilization goes back 7,000 years and were the jewel of the non-Western world. Israel has devastated their country, by proxy, because getting rid of Iraq means getting rid of a potential threat since Iraq was one of the only countries willing to take on Israel. They made Iraq a lesson to any Arab country that may want to stand against Israel. Those who carried this deception are called the New Conservatives. Nobody has the guts to point out who these New Conservatives are. It is very simple. The New Conservatives are a tiny minority of American people that have tremendous influence in Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, the news media and policy makers. Eighty percent are Zionist Jews and twenty percent are Zionist Christians. The first group is represented by some of the following; Paul Wolfowitz, who was named Israeli’s Man of the Year and was pictured in October 3, 2003 in the International Jerusalem Post, Richard Pearl, former Deputy Defense Secretary, Chairman of the Defense Policy Board, also known as the Prince of Darkness, Douglas J. Faith, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, David Wurmser, International Security, a Jewish Zionist subservient to Israel, Frank Gaffney, Steven Bryan, Fred Ikle, Meyrav Wurmser, Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, Senator Joseph Lieberman, a hypocrite, also a hawk of the war when he claims he holds moral ground against Hollywood pornography but does not care about bombing and killing tens of thousands of Iraqis, Palestinians and hundreds of Americans. Also in this first group are Conrad Black of the Hudson Institute, Don Zakheim, the Pentagon, Kenneth Adleman, Elliot Cohen, Hemut Sonnenfedfeldt, James Schlesinger, Henry Kissinger, Mark Ginsberg, former ambassador to Morocco, who was almost a daily feature at Fox Broadcasting, Elliot Abrams, who has an important position in the State Department and pled guilty to two counts of withholding evidence from Congress during the Iran-Contra hearings, his father-in-law Midge Decter, Norman Podhortz, Drew Elder of the New Conservative or the Liberal Imperialist Movement that runs the American Jewish Committee flagship publication Commentary, Lawrence Eagleburger, the former Secretary of State, William Kristol, editor, Fred Barnes, executive editor, Bret Humes, Charles Krauthammer, all of the Weekly Standard and others.

All of them are Jewish Zionists, some are part of this empire run by Rupert Murdock, Chairman of the News Corporation, which owns Fox Broadcasting. I know this very well because I am a shareholder and I wanted to know who was running this company. There are so many influential names of right wing Jewish Zionists that it would take pages to write down their names, some of them are from Congress and Senate, such as Tom Lantos, Gary Akeraman, etc. Also, Martin Indyk, former American Embassador to Israel, who first became National Security Chairman when Clinton took office had to apply for US citizenship to get that job as was, until that time, a foreign national from Australia. None of those “patriotic” congressman or senators raised any question of how we could trust our National Security to a foreign national who just became a US Citizen. The answer is simple: he is a Zionist Jew and should not be questioned about this because of the powerful people that were just mentioned. This is part of the intimidation and fear that is caused by the New Conservatives. The second group that are pushing for this cultural and religious war, Zionist Christians, do not represent the vast majority of Christians such as Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormon, etc. that believe in Jesus as a man of peace. This group has twisted and misinterpreted the Bible as a Christian Scholar once explained to me. Those represented by Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer, who wrote to the President that they believe that God wanted him to be president but if he abandons Israel, he will never get my vote again. Majority Whip Tom Delay from Texas went to Israel last year and declared that he believed himself to be more of an Israeli than the Israelis themselves. More New Conservative Zionists are Reverend John Hagee, Marvin Maddox, Ed McEntire, and Reverend Tim Timmons.

What is so unbelievable is that these two groups are differ, vastly, in every aspect of ideology such as marriage, homosexuality, abortion, and even the “Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson, but they are united on one thing and that is to support this racist state: Israel. It is a major astonishment that this Zionist Christian believe in the second coming of Christ in a strong Israel which will result in wiping out two-thirds of the Jews and the other third will convert to Christianity. The Zionist Jews do not believe Jesus ever came. Their only care is that Christians support their terrible state. Once their purpose is accomplished they will kick those Zionist Christians in the ass just like they did to President Bush, the father, who did the first Gulf War partly on their behalf. They defeated him, just like they did to President Jimmy Carter, a decent President who engineered Camp David and made peace between Israel and Egypt. When President Carter mentioned human rights and self-determination for Palestinians in a small town in New England, they were very negative about his leadership and the economy, by the end of his term they turned against him. This is what President Bush is doing at the present time. Israel and its supporters of this war, the New Conservatives, have failed in the occupation of Baghdad and have not made Israel safer. The Palestinians did not surrender. However, they did succeed in pushing the war forward. I visited Iraq 3 times between 2002 and 2003. I had met with two envoys in Iraq from President Saddam Hussein. They were ready to accept my proposal, which outlined a call for new elections in Iraq in which President Hussein would not be a candidate and a new constitution. I was threatened and expelled from Iraq twice, in January and February of 2003 only 2 months before the war, by Chief Intelligence Officer Abdul Raheem Al Faloogi despite both Vice Presidents’ recommendations. I strongly believe that Officer Al Faloogi, who was in charge of American affairs, is not just a corrupt Iraqi official but that he was infiltrated by the CIA. Later, I discovered that he fled to Denmark with millions of dollars, crude oil and was selling these barrels on the internet.

From my experience and my deep knowledge of the Arab Nations and the Muslim world, the real enemy to American interests and the threat to the National Security is Israel. Israel uses the US by proxy to dominate the Arab and Muslim world. Prime Minister Mohammad Mahtier of Malaysia eloquently declared in his speech before the Islamic Conference, in front of fifty-five states representing 1.5 billion Muslim people, several months ago in Malaysia reaffirmed many of these truths. Al Jazeera called me after this to comment on his speech, I totally concurred with everything Prime Minister Mahtier said and even added more.

Our government has bamboozled us into thinking that the support of dictatorships in the Arab world are all in the name of our national interest. These dictatorships are in the interest of Israel only and not in the interest of the United States. This antagonism and hatred towards the United States is because of this policy. When the people cannot be free to express their views openly, unfortunately, they blame the United States government. It should be obvious now that diplomatic policy and public relations with Israel is a factor that greatly contributes to the terrorism aimed at our country and people. When our government commits terrorism in the name of Israel we should expect terrorism returned onto our soil. We must change our foreign policy to insure our safety as a nation and for our future as a nation. We must remove both Israel and the dictatorships of the Arab governments from US foreign policy. We need to wipe our hands clean.