September 23 – October 07 2010

In The Name Of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

September 23, 2010

Mr. Gary Locke
Secretary of Commerce
Washington D.C.

RE: Former Governor of Washington State and a Potential Member of Club 67

Dear Gary:

It was nice meeting with you after almost 14 years. You looked really good, and you did not change very much. You are still quite vigorous and cheerful with lots of smiles. You seem to have diverse assistants working for you. I got to meet Victoria Tung and Marik. There were others from ethnic diversities such as an African American. This reminds me when you ran for the first time for governor in 1996. It was an exciting moment for me as it was the best campaign I had since I have been in this state for 28 years. At that time there was the primary, and we were given the chance to have debates sponsored by the local newspapers and the League of Women Voters. I remember we debated between 7 – 9 times. I recollect now one of those debates was in Bremerton sponsored by the Sun Link Newspaper. After the debate everyone had 5 minutes to wrap up. When it was my turn, I looked around and saw different candidates from different backgrounds. I said, is there any more Democracy than we can see today? Look at my side is Gary Locke, a Chinese American; Norm Rice (who was the Mayor of Seattle), an African American; Brian Zetlan, a Jewish American who used to be captain in the Israeli Army; Jay Inslee, the current congressman from English or Scottish ancestry; Mr. Powers, who was running on the Communist Party and I said he was from Cuba (as a joke); and then myself, an immigrant from Palestine who is a Muslim. Everybody started laughing after that. At the end of the debate, I was given an award from the Sun Link Newspaper as the zinger champ (the most interesting speaker of that debate) and I still have it. At any rate, unfortunately things have changed a lot since 1996 as I have been running either for the U.S. Senate or for governor basically to convey a message to the voters as I found out the most effective way is to run for a statewide office. This way they give you an opportunity to address the state and send statements and so on, which is the most cost-effective way to convey ideas. I am not running to be really elected as I found out from the beginning it is impossible for somebody like me to run in the Democratic Primary with conservative views on family and marriage, etc. Who will vote for me especially with a Palestinian background and Islamic faith? I also found out that since that time campaigns mostly need lots of money, lots of ads, and so on. This is why I ran this year for the first time on a new party I am establishing which is called the Centrist Party as lots of people are disenchanted with both the Democratic and Republican Parties. I would especially like to attract minorities to this new Centrist Party, particularly the Muslim population. As a matter of fact in the Great Seattle area, there are probably over 50,000 Muslims. Unfortunately, many of them do not register to vote or participate. I will also attract other minorities such as people who are non-Black. When President Obama runs for his second term, it will be a tremendous help for him to be re-elected because it is not simply going to be in Washington State, but it is going to be Nationwide as I have a plan to travel from one state to the other to get people lined up to register to vote and so on. This really will be lots of help for our President as I am still a strong supporter.

I was planning to talk to you for a few minutes after the end of your address, and you agreed to that. Unfortunately, your assistants would not allow that as I understood your schedule was too tight and too many people wanted to talk to you. However, I gave one of your assistants an envelope that contained lots of ideas when I ran for public office in the last 28 years in one way or the other. I basically wanted to let you know how important those ideas were, as well as, the platform I campaigned for. Some of those ideas are related to foreign policy, health care, the environment, and others. I strongly believe President Obama will be running for the second term but lots of the Right-Wings and some quarters of this country simply do not want to have a Black man in the White House. Of course, some of them such as the tea parties might be sincere in their efforts as they want a small government and no taxes, etc. However, I have the sense that it is not simply conservative views but rather racism and prejudice. I can just mention a few such as the Fox News and Sean Hannity. They started to undermine his presidency even before he was sworn in and took office. I debated with many of them and have a strong sense for these ideas. Indeed, among the channels I watch after Al Jazeera is Fox News and not because I like it but just to listen and hear the hatred and poison that comes out from this news station. I have no doubt that President Obama will be re-elected again for second term though he needs lots of work and efforts from those who believe in his leadership like me. Gary, you will be among those who will help the President from now on in order to create jobs and to have a good trade position with the Muslim world.

I felt from the beginning in order for the President to concentrate on domestic issues and revive the economy, he has to have peace of mind that things are going well for him overseas. Most important is to pacify the Muslim world and get them on board for good trade and economic relationships. When we met I told you that I was alarmed when about 2 weeks ago there was a program on Al Jazeera about China and their trade relationship with the Muslim world, particularly the Arab countries. I could not believe that Egypt and Jordan, for example, have the most imports for consumer goods coming from China. My letters from March and May 2008 (on my website) are in support of candidate Obama. Also, they are about pacifying the Muslim world to have them on board for trade and economic cooperation. I was hoping that I would be that person representing the President for the Muslim world. It is not only because of my background but also because of my deep knowledge and meeting with many of the Muslim leaders over the years. However, the President chose Rashad Hussain, an Indian, at the suggestion of his advisors, who is a 32 year old Muslim lawyer from Houston. It is ironic that Rashad does not even speak Arabic. I have seen him several times on the Arabic channels talking in English which is translated into Arabic. I am really glad that Rahm Emanuel is getting out of the White House and running for mayor of Chicago. All along, I felt that he has been blocking my letters to reach the President as I have been emailing them to the White House. However, some of the ideas I had in those letters were conveyed to the President. Those ideas may have been relayed as their own ideas or as if there are think tanks and so on. One that was on May 30, 2008 under the title of Candidate Barack Hussein Obama is a question and an analysis about his name. That letter was sent to support him. The other one was emailed to the White House on May 30, 2009 before he went to Cairo and addressed the Muslim world. When he went to Cairo, there was lots of excitement. The news media and others in this country were indicating that he will take advantage addressing the Muslim world in order to promote a diplomatic relationship with Israel. In my letter to him before he left, I advised that he should not do that. I felt it would backfire and they would just consider that he is not doing it for goodwill but to encourage the ideas of Israel. Apparently, he did not do that, and I believe it could be from my suggestion. The other thing I mentioned in that letter is to stay away from President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt as I told President Obama in the letter that President Mubarak is the least popular leader in the Muslim world. He is hated and his opposition to Hamas in Gaza is not because of his love for the United States or Israel but basically because he would like to pass the power to his son who has questionable intelligence. I believe he followed my advice as all that he did was meet with the President in his palace for less than 20 minutes. During his speech at Cairo University, he did not praise President Mubarak at all. I have his entire speech to compare what he said. The quotation of the Holy Koran came from my letters. At any rate, you can see that on my website. You can go through some of those important letters, especially about healthcare.

My analysis of Iraq is similar to President Obama. I feel my analysis is much more complete than the President’s and his advisors. For example in the beginning I suggested a time table to get our troops out of Iraq. They could go to the bases then ultimately leave the bases and get out of Iraq completely. In an extensive letter I wrote to President Bush (on my website) dated January 11, 2007, I suggested to allow the soldiers from the Arab League (through the United Nations who are not bordering Iraq) to help the Iraqi Army for security and not the United States. I also advised President Bush at that time in my letter to not support the prime minister at that time, Nuri al-Maliki. I believe this prime minister is a sectarian and basically will not concede to his rival who got more votes. All that he does is try to continue to be the prime minister by staying in power. I do not believe the United States should support this man.

As far as Afghanistan, it has been my idea from the beginning to have a coalition government with the Taliban and to not concentrate on Al-Qaeda as Al-Qaeda has become an ideology so if somebody is caught they are to be put under a Sharia trial either in Afghanistan or Pakistan. They could put a time table of maybe 5 years. This would give the Taliban a chance to be part of the government. It’s all detailed on my website in my letters.

One important thing during my campaign this time and when I addressed 10 counties from Ellensburg was I offered anyone that conveyed my letters to President Obama to receive $5,000 as a reward for any foundation or charity on his/her name. Most important, I was going to my little town Burin next spring at the outskirts of Mt. Jerism in Palestine at the West Bank. That village is famous because of Prophet Abraham and after that Jacob passed by and pitched his tent there. In my village there are no names for streets. It’s about a population of 3,000-4,000. I was planning to propose naming those streets. Since the mayor and the others are my cousins, I was planning to put the names of President Obama and whoever delivered this letter to him on a street coming from my little house to the center of town. Also, I will establish a library which will be the first in town. I will contribute to the establishment of this library and the name would be the Library of President Obama and Gary Locke. So, I really encourage you to do that.

As I told you, I was in Washington D.C. on January 26th of this year when there was a debate going on in the Arab world about President Obama’s 1 year in office. On a survey in the Arab streets, 76% felt that President Obama was no different from President Bush. Apparently, they referred to foreign policy. That was frightening because if the Arab streets have no hope of improvement from the Obama Administration over the old policies of President Bush it will create an environment of hostility towards President Obama and the United States. That will undermine his effort to have peaceful cooperation and promote trade and economic cooperation with the Muslim world. Part of the problem we have in the Arab world and the Muslim world is a boycott by people to not buy products from the United States. This is why there are more products from China. When Al Jazeera called me to see if I would be able to defend President Obama, I said I would as they are aware of my help to candidate Obama during the primary and general election. There was a live audience of over 90 million in the Arab world. My opponent was a very well known author and scholar from Lebanon with the name of Kamal Shatila. I took advantage of this tremendous audience in the Arab world and did my best to educate the audience about our political system: It is not just Obama can push a button and it is done. Our political system is more complicated. He has to deal with congress with both political parties, special interests, the news media, etc.. Plus, he has been in office for 1 year, and we have to help him consolidate his economic recovery in the United States and so on. We have to give him a chance. Most important, the Arab world has to do their homework and help so they don’t think somebody from the outside is going to deliver everything they ask for. You can get that debate through Al Jazeera which lasted for 50 minutes. It was in Arabic. It was January 26, 2010. A few days later on January 29th I held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. I saw your name as you were supposed to have a press conference a few days later. At that time I wanted to meet with you but apparently it has not been easy because of time constraints.

You will see on my website that I was campaigning for candidate Obama in Texas among the Latinos. I believe I had considerable success in attracting Latinos as I had a very good plan before I went to Texas. When I was in Texas, I was told by his field organizer on February 28th that candidate Obama was to come the following day in Brownsville at the Gulf of Mexico; however, I chose not to go and see him because of concern about his campaign as I did not want to undermine his campaign because of my background, faith, and so on.

Club 67 – I wanted to mention this, and for the first time I am asking you to join this club. Let me explain it. All my life since I was a kid until now, it had been like a miracle how I became a doctor and how my life has developed. I feel this miracle almost on a daily basis in my life. An example of this was on June 26, 2007. I was rushed to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee. I had severe pain in my back after I had a car accident in April 2007, and I diagnosed it as being a herniated disk. I had exactly the same surgery in January 2000 by the same doctor at the same level of L4-L5. The scar tissues from the first operation got loose and pressured against my sciatic nerve. What surprised me is that I was discharged from the hospital six days later after the operation when the first surgery in 2000 was only a 1 day stay. My daughter picked me up at the hospital to take me to my home. I asked her why I remained in the hospital for 6 days. She started telling me what happened. After I had the surgery and was taken to intensive care, I became delirious from the anesthesia and talked in different languages. They asked her if I used to drink or take any drugs. She told them I didn’t at all. Apparently, because of the agitation I had, they started injecting me with intravenous medications, mainly Haldol which is called Haloperidol. I generally give maybe ½ to 2 mg. to my patients who are severely agitated. The medication did not work and they kept injecting me over and over. The total amount of intravenous injections was 42 mg. which is a huge amount. I went into a coma. My daughter told me that the first 2-3 days I was not responding at all. From time to time I said a few words but without opening my eyes. She told me that her mother (who is my ex-wife) came from Tacoma to visit me and I was not responding and breathing hard. Apparently, her mother thought I was dying as she witnessed some of her family similar to my situation. She asked my daughter if she had a copy of the Holy Koran to read as she wanted to give me my last rites. When my daughter told her that she didn’t have a copy then my ex-wife told her that she memorized a small chapter lately which consists of 43 verses. The chapter name is Al-Mulk. She started the chapter beginning with blessed is He in Whose Hand is the kingdom of universe and He has power over all things; The One who created death and life so that He might test you to find out which of you is best in deeds; He is the Almighty, the All-Forgiving; The One who created the seven heavens one above the other. You will not see any flaw in His creation. Look once again. Do you see any flaw? Then look still another time; Yet again your sight will come back bewildered and feel exhausted saying, no Lord, no flaw. My daughter told me that after she read about 10 verses I opened my eyes and all the difficult breathing I had completely disappeared though I remained a little bit confused until a few days later when I was transferred to another room. As soon as my daughter dropped me off at home, I immediately went to the Holy Koran and found about Al-Mulk. When I saw that it was Chapter 67, I immediately felt there was a miracle because nobody knew except me and Almighty God that 67 has been the most important number in my life. On the afternoon of June 6, 1967, I graduated from medical school to be a medical doctor in Granada, Spain. On the same day in the morning, Jerusalem fell at the hand of the Israelis. That was my favorite city and close to my hometown. It was the saddest day in my life because of this occupation and the happiest day in my life as I became a doctor for the first time. My whole life has been around this number. Indeed, I did introduce a Washington State Convention resolution to make all of Jerusalem as an open city for all religions and oppose annexation by the Israelis as their old capital. When I looked in this chapter more, I found out it is the only verse that mentions death before life by Almighty God in the whole Koran which has 114 chapters with over 6,000 verses. It is always mentioning life and death in the Koran except in this one as if it is telling us that you are dead and I am getting you back to life to test you. More important, several months later I was reading the translation of the Koran from the Institute of Islamic Knowledge which is in Houston, Texas. I was reading about the words found in the Koran. Among them is Rabb. It is an Arabic and Hebrew name. It is translated in English as Lord. However, in Arabic it has more meaning. It means Master, Owner, Sustainer, Provider, Guardian, Sovereign, Ruler, Administrator, Organizer, etc. Allah is the most frequent word in the Koran, which is the proper name of God and the Lord of the universe in all those senses. Rabb is mentioned 967 times. I immediately called my daughter as she was visiting her brother in Chicago. I asked her what word did I say when I was in a coma. She said you always were saying Rabb. It is very interesting that when you remove the letter “R” it becomes Abb. Abb in Arabic and in Hebrew means father. You can see the difference when we put Rabb and you take the “R” out and it becomes Abb which means father. That might explain Christianity when they refer to the Lord or God as Father. I would like to form a club with the name 67. The requirement of anyone who would like to join the club would be basically to believe there is one God, the Creator, to believe in angels, and that there are miracles. The miracles could be witnessed by them directly or some that their friends have witnessed. All that is required is basically to pass those ideas to 10 friends. There would be no fees or anything like that. I was planning to put this on my website and try to make more memberships. Gary, you are the first one to be offered this opportunity. However, it is up to you.

I hope the envelope I gave your assistant will be given to you and you can pass those papers to President Obama. If the envelope I gave you for any mysterious reason did not reach you, I will be glad to send you another one. I will wait for your answer, and if I do not get an answer in a positive way then I will publish this letter on my website and send it with an important letter that I will email to President Obama in the next few days. It will be sent to tens of thousands (if not millions) of people in the United States and abroad.

I hope we will remain in touch and remain as friends. I hope that your advisor will give this letter to you. Most important if you get into my website, you will find lots of things that I have been talking about. Again, thank you very much for reading this email which will be sent through your office through Victoria and Marik.

Thank you.

Dr. Mohammad H. Said/cmr