Dr. Mohammad Said for US Senate 2010 (A Centrist Agenda)

In The Name Of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


An abbreviation of this statement of 300 words was sent on 6/21/10, to Secretary of State in Olympia, WA to be part of the voter’s pamphlet to be sent to households of Washington State voters:
Though a lifelong democrat, I am now running on the Centrist party which I thought to establish when I ran for US Senate in 2000. I lost my faith in both the Democratic and the Republican parties’ establishment as they are subservient to special interest groups particularly to AIPAC (AMERICAN ISRAELI PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE). As a physician with one of the highest medical degrees in the U.S.A. and after examining more than six thousand patients qualified for medical marijuana under State rules, it is important to make marijuana available and economical. The Cannabis is also helpful in conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), etc. As a Palestinian American, an expert in matters related to the Muslim world, eighty percent of President Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Cairo and to the Turkish Parliament came from my two letters of May 30, 2008 (widely distributed to the news media in the primary and the Battleground States in the general election in support of his candidacy) and of May 30, 2009 emailed to the him at the White House before his trip to Cairo. (Both letters are found on my website.) His involvement in Afghanistan was ill advised contrary to my letters. I believe his advisors and chief of staff, the Neo-Liberals, are no different from the Neo-conservative of President Bush who put America in harm’s way. Both groups support Israel more than the U.S.A. Grant County Democratic Convention passed resolution twenty years ago and reaffirmed this year for a secular state in Palestine where Jews, Muslims and Christians can live like us in a united country with equal rights, a resolution I introduced to the convention. This will end the conflict. In January 26th I was summoned to Washington DC in live debate to ninety million Arab audiences for 50 minutes through Al Jazeera (the famous satellite television show) that Obama was no different from Bush. My participation was tremendous. I took advantage of the huge Arabic audience to educate them about our political system and other important issues. I put my heart, soul, and pocketbook as a volunteer in Obama’s campaign so when he had a meeting with preachers in Brownsville, Texas in the Gulf of Mexico on February 29, 2008, for a working breakfast, I was twenty miles away campaigning for him. I chose not to meet with him to protect his campaign as my background, religion, and my opposition to a Jewish state would have been a liability for his campaign. I could have been his Secretary of Health or special Envoy to the Muslim world!

Dr. Mohammad H. Said