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From: Greg Wed, Sep 6, 2006 at 7:18 PM
To: drmhsaid@gmail.com

Dear Dr. Said:

Firstly, I just wanted to say I just got done with my Primary mail-in ballot. I voted for you for Federal U.S. Senator. I agree with you when it comes to Israel. It is very clear to me what caused 9-11: The USA’s unjust support for Israel.

Secondly, I found your brief statements on the history of Israel very informing. I did not know that President Harry Truman recognized Israel’s independence in 1948. I am 34, and I do not know much about the recent history (last 100 years) of Palestine and that general area. I stumbled over the recent history of Palestine on BBC news website, a few months back, and it seemed to leave out important parts of their history, like what Truman did in 1948, or was slanted in favor of Israel. I have read other sources too, to get a more unbiased, balanced, objective, and thorough reading of their recent history. I have English.Aljazeera.net as one of my favorite links, and I added www.wrmea.com to my favorite links too.

Thirdly, I think it is horrible what Israel did to Lebanon over some people in Lebanon taking hostage two Israelis; same goes for the Gaza Strip. Not only did we not shame Israel, we defended them. America and Israel bomb and terrorize countries and it is called the right to defense or “the war on terror”, but when America or Israel is attacked, it is called terrorism, not self-defense.

Greg King (Everett, WA 98204-9333)


From: PAT MORGAN Wed, Sep 6, 2006 at 5:04 PM
To: drmhsaid@gmail.com

The only thing I didn’t like about your answers to questions was the thing about nuclear. So what do you think of thermal-photovoltaic? What do you think about stumping for subsidizing solar to power America? A couple hundred square miles of PV’s and/or thermal-PV’s in the southern desert states would be huge in getting us off the oil addiction. What about mandating bio-diesel and ethanol cars? Instead of subsidizing wars on other countries, what about subsidizing our farmers to grow corn? Instead of paying them not to grow corn, pay them to grow it and turn it into bio-diesel. And the other issue I think about is what a lousy infrastructure of mass transit this country has! Anywhere in Europe there are great train systems that run on multiple lines and are on time and efficient; only in America do the freight trains rule over a passenger train so Amtrak is always late or delayed days and barely has a schedule that accommodates anyone. That should be something else mandated and subsidized by the federal government which would help to get us off the needle of oil and wars.
Those are my thoughts. I might just be voting for you. 🙂
Pat Morgan
Appleton, WA — that’s Klickitat County where you apparently didn’t put anything in any voter pamphlet (which I haven’t gotten yet and maybe I won’t, who knows) but I found you on the web trying to figure out who these people are running against Cantwell.


june tarsha Tue, Sep 5, 2006 at 9:01 PM
To: Mohammad Said

Dear Dr. Said-

Thank you your response to my e-mail. I had read
several entries on your site. I am sending a donation
the AACC, as you suggested, in your honor.

MABROUK on the occasion of your daughter’s wedding!
— Mohammad Said wrote:

> Dear June, Thank you very much for your support. You are amoung the very few who have an insight on what is happening, and that our government is being controlled by a minority being on the left or on the right with a common denomenator that worship the Molten Calf which is Israel, which does no wrong in the eye of those people who have tremendous power over the news media, the financial institution, the congross, the entertainment industry ect. I’ll be adding more important things to my website about things i personally witnessed during the 3 months i was in Palestine. You can go into my website www.drsaid.net. Within my statements are other websites that may provide you with more detailed information. As far as a contribution you can donate to the Lebanese Relief Fund by the AACC. For credit card donations call (206) 634-9001. Make checks payable to AACC and send to Lebanese Relief Fund PO BOX 31642 Seattle, Wa 98103. You are invited to attend the wedding of my daughter Noor Said on September 2nd at 7 pm the celebration will be located at The Bault 1019 Pacific Avenue Tacoma, Wa 98402. For any questions feel free to call at 206-250-7762. I hope to see you there.

Sincerly, Dr Mohommad H Said

Peace and Strength

On 8/30/06, Erin thomas wrote:
Dr. Said,

My name is Erin Thomas and I am a journalism student at Washington State University in Pullman. I am currently enrolled in a journalism seminar course where we are conducting election stories on all of the candidates for U.S. Senate 2006. I was hoping to set up a phone interview with you some time after the Labor Day weekend. My deadline is September 13th so hopefully if we could talk the week before that. Also, if there is any other affliates of yours you would like to have quote on you for this election story, I would love to have their contact information. This story has a chance to be published as well. Feel free just to email me back or give me a call! Thank you for your time.

Erin Thomas
On 9/1/06, Mohammad Said wrote:
Dear Erin,
Thank you for your letter and offer for a telephone interview. I would gladly be available at your convienence to have an interview. My office number is 509-754-4689 feel free to call when you have a chance. For additional information visit my website at www.drsaid.net, and the other websites listed in my statements.
Dr Mohommad H Said

Erin thomas Tue, Sep 5, 2006 at 12:51 PM
To: Mohammad Said
Dr. Said,

How about Thursday at 3? If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’m more than willing to move around your schedule!

Thank you,


Electricfemme333@aol.com Sat, Sep 2, 2006 at 11:12 AM
To: drmhsaid@gmail.com
You know nothing about the history of America, obviously from your reply and are nearly illiterate.

Before you meddle in the politics of a country you know nothing about, you should ask yourself, can I survive the Constitutional rights the people of this nation have?????

Perhaps you should toddle off to your imam and have a fatwah issued against me.
Then my husband, who fights and kills Arab Muslims like you in the Marines, can do something about you.

Or send your Al-Queda buddy Bin Laden after me. I could use the reward money for his head on a plate.

You are an ignorant foreigner. Get out of America.
Death to Islam.

American Celt


Electricfemme333@aol.com Sat, Sep 2, 2006 at 11:27 AM
To: drmhsaid@gmail.com
In a message dated 9/1/2006 5:00:54 PM US Mountain Standard Time, drmhsaid@hotmail.com writes:
I do not understand
why you wont open your mind to the information in my website.


I read your website, and I read your statement about your intent to work to remove US support for Israel. I have read everything Bin Laden has ever written that has been translated into English.

I read everything any Arab Muslim writes that has been translated into English. I listen to AlJazeerah, and read their news reporting, as well as Debkafile.

The reason you do not understand why I believe your statements and beliefs are wrong, is the same reason you have no business in America, and no business in the Senate of this great nation.

I’ve read the news in Darfur, in Chechen, in France where I have a neice. I have read the details of Palestinian violence, Al-Queda violence, riots against Danish cartoon by your people. I have seen the cartoon produced by your people in caricature of Israel. I’ve read the news about Hezbollah, an occuppying band of terrorists in Lebanon. I’ve read all about the violence everywhere in the world, because you and your kind are violent.

I know there is a significant terrorist group of Arab Muslims, who plan jihad in the Northwest.
I believe you are one of them and have turned your website and statement of intent to infiltrate the senate in Washington state, over to the NSA, the CIA and the Department of Defense, through personal channels.

Since I do not believe you are licensed to practice medicine in the US I am preparing documents to request in investigation from the AMA licensing board into your practice.
And I will continue to request investigations of you, your life, the life of others in your town in Washington who are also jihadists like you, till you are gone.

You have hundreds of millions of enemies in the citizenry of America. We are armed and educated, unlike the hapless hordes of unwashed, poverty stricken, ignorant masses of people in your own country. You fool no one.

American Celt


Karen Nordyke – Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 9:27 PM
To: drmhsaid@gmail.com

Dear Dr. Said,
I learned of your campaign today after receiving and reading my voters pamphlet for the upcoming primary. I spent this evening reading much of the information on your web-site. It was interesting and very informative.

Like most average Americans I was asleep before 9/11 in terms of the world outside of America. Since 9/11 however I have made a serious attempt to educate myself about what is going on in the world and most especially I have tried to gain understanding of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. My conclusions and opinions mirror exactly what you believe. It is our countries unwavering support of Israel, no matter what they do, that is at the root of most of our problems!!! I am your average 49 year old soccer mom who managed to figure this out by 1)reading 2) really wanting to know the truth. My fear is that too many people in our country are not reading quality information from good sources and/ or they have bought into the false reality of the current Bush administration and lack the ability to see the truth. It is very, very, frustrating for me and my friends who are deeply saddened and troubled by the suffering of the Iraqis, Palestinians, and now the people in Lebanon. The shame our current leadership has caused the American people who are smart enough to know the truth is enormous.

As much as I am tempted to vote for you, I can not vote for anyone who does not believe in and will fully fight for the absolute separation of church and state. I do not believe religion of any flavor should decide how our country is run and how we should live our lives. In order to have religious freedom it must be kept separate from government in my opinion. I would be curious what you think about this.

It concerns me that you do not believe in a woman’s right to terminate an early pregnancy. Do you support the death penalty for men that rape women? If not, I believe this should remain a woman’s choice. I could never support a candidate who does not grasp this although it saddens me that this is even an issue up for debate. It is ridiculous and a favorite way for the republicans to keep the ignorant among us from focusing on the real problem “Israel”!!! The same for same sex marriage, not my business. It certainly will not effect my commitment to my husband or hurt me in any way. Take my advice and let go of your biases on these sorts of issues. Don’t try to make your morality our morality. If this is impossible for you to do because of your religious beliefs then perhaps you should not be running for office in this country. I hope this is not the case because it is obvious you are a very smart and peace loving person.

Good luck to you. You sound like a fascinating man who has done and continues to do much good in our world.

Bless you,
Karen Nordyke
Karen Nordyke – Fri, Sep 1, 2006 at 7:01 PM
To: Mohammad Said

Dear Dr. Said,
Thank you very much for your prompt response to my email. I went back last night and read more of your information on your web-site and learned even more about your position on issues and your fascinating life. I have already contacting several other friends who are politically active and asked them to look at your information. I feel strongly that our relationship with Israel should be our main concern and I will pledge my vote to you. As long as you believe in the seperation of church and state I have no concerns about your personal religious beliefs. I respect every ones right to believe what is their own truth.

Thank you again for your integrity and hard work on behalf of our country and peace for humanity. I would very much like to meet you someday. I live on the eastside in the Seattle area. Please let me know if you are ever speaking in our area. I have never been to Ephrata and probably will have no opportunity to visit your town unfortunately.

Karen Nordyke

ps. You have a very good web-site!
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From: Mohammad Said
To: Karen Nordyke
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 4:45 PM
Subject: Re: curious about you
Thank you for your letter and your visit to my website. I can assure you i am totally and absolutely for seperation of church and state, though at the personal level i am a very religious person, believing in the creator and other related issues as in my ten commandments which have been handed to my patients for 23 years. They are also posted on my website. I entered this race to focus on Israel who has become the molten calf being worshiped by a small minority from the left or the right who are yeilding tremendous power of our government and decision making through there control of the news media the financial institution the entertainment industry. Again thank your once again for your letter of encouragement, i hope to meet you someday.
Dr Mohommad H Said


From: Carl Jakobsson
To : drmhsaid@hotmail.com
Subject : US Policy Toward the Middle East and Other Parts of the World


Dear Dr. Said:
I have been reading the local voters’ pamphlet, and I noticed that you were running for the Democratic nomination for the Senate, and you were advocating for a single state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am interested in this, because this is something that I have been advocating for, for about the last 15 years.
I was somewhat active in the antiapartheid movement in this country at the time that South Africa and neighboring Namibia were under the rule of the old apartheid regime of South Africa. During that time, I had occasion to meet some of the then-exiled members of South Africa’s African National Congress who were living, working, and studying in the United States, and working to line up American support for the establishment of a legitimate government in their home country of South Africa. I was highly impressed by the political brilliance of the ANC members that I had the good fortune to meet, and I was impressed by their commitment to the basic principles of nonracial, nonsectarian democracy which drove their revolution. It was because of the commitment on the part of the African National Congress to the basic principles of nonracial, nonsectarian democracy – and the Grace of God – that South Africa was able to make the transition from apartheid to democracy without having blood running in the streets of the cities of that country.
In my spare time I have been trying to convince the elected officials of our government that the South African solution – the establishment of a nonracial, nonsectarian democracy – would be the best solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There are many advantages to this type of solution, and perhaps the biggest advantage of all is the fact that a combined Israeli-Palestinian nation-state – operating as a nonracial, nonsectarian democracy – can be established without anybody – either Jews or Palestinians – being evicted from their homes in order to make room for it. It is wrong for anybody to be evicted from a place they call home based on their race or their religious beliefs, and it is equally wrong whether those being evicted are Jews, Palestinians, Africans, Asians, Europeans, or any other ethnic or religious group.
I am a member now of the NAACP – serving as the Chairman of the Religious Affairs Committee of the Bremerton, Washington Branch of that organization, and I have been trying to work within the NAACP to promote the idea of nonracial, nonsectarian democracy as a way to work for global peace. Obviously the NAACP is friendly to the principles of nonracial, nonsectarian democracy, because it has worked strenuously to promote those principles here in the USA for 97 years. The NAACP now has an International Affairs Committee – a fairly recent development – and as a result of this is becoming more active as an organization in the international arena. I have been in touch with the director of that committee about actively promoting the South African solution as a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and so far I have not seen any sign of either support or opposition to that idea. This I can say about the NAACP: As an organization, it is definitely committed to the basic principles of nonracial, nonsectarian democracy, and as an organization it definitely prefers peace as a better choice than war. It does not seem to be very inclined right now to take an offcial organizational position on the subject of a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but it is an organization definitely worth working with in the overall effort to promote world peace.
I hope that those of us who are interested in a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the fundamental principles of nonracial, nonsectarian democracy will be able to work together as a network. The antiapartheid network worked well back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and there was a solution in South Africa that was as peaceful as humanly possible under the circumstances. Maybe a similar approach could work in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Carl Jakobsson


From: D. Smith Thu, Sep 7, 2006 at 4:23 PM
To: drmhsaid@gmail.com

What are your views on the estate tax? I believe Maria Cantwell voted to
reinstate the estate tax. I disagree with her on this.

Diana Smith
Seattle 98125

Mohammad Said Thu, Sep 7, 2006 at 6:55 PM
To: “D. Smith”


In principle, I do not approve of the estate tax. Which should go to the inheritance but not to a single person. For example to a spouse and leaving everybody else without benefit. I will have a paper on this later on.

Thank you for your inquiry.


From : Tom Krebsbach
Sent : Monday, September 4, 2006 2:20 PM
To :
Subject : Any plans to speak on west side of Cascades?

Dear Dr. Said,

I was intrigued to read your statement in the Snohomish County voters pamphlet. Particularly interesting is the view you expressed on Palestine/Israel and the one-state solution.

I and other people living in the Seattle area and north of Seattle agree wholeheartedly with your positions on these issues.

Recently, some of us put our money together to pay for an ad in the Lynnwood/Mountlake Terrace Enterprise. The ad criticized our representative, Jay Inslee, for his one sided voting record in support of Israel. The Enterprise is a free local paper in the northern suburbs of Seattle. I have attached a .pdf of the ad to this email.

About a week ago we met with one of Inslee’s aides to discuss the ad and what we would like to see Inslee do to demonstrate a more balanced stance with regard to Palestine/Israel. I expect these discussions might continue for a while. We are determined that he be more critical of Israel and more supportive of Palestinian rights. We will be relentless in pressuring him to shift his position.

We are also considering adopting similar tactics with other congressional representatives in Washington, and perhaps beyond.

We are interested in meeting with you, and we are wondering if you will be coming to the west side of the mountains to speak any time soon?

Tom Krebsbach
Brier, Washington