Sign Petition to Punish Religious Leaders who Preach Violence and Justify Terrorism

Mon, 6 Dec 2004

Dear Muslim Brothers,

I received your petition that was to be signed and sent to the UN Security
Council as well as the United States Government, in order to establish an
International Tribunal to prosecute religious leaders who issue “fatwa’s”
inciting violence.

I am 100% with you to condemn any violence against civilians who are not
involved with military action. I do however have trouble with you targeting
prominent Muslim scholars such as Sheikh Yousif Al-Qardhawi. I would suggest you
call yourself free masons or maybe other names connected with Jewish Zionists
and not Muslims. Indeed I had another petition to be sent to the United Nations,
dealing with anti-Semitism, which being drafted by the World Jewish Congress in
Washington DC. Neither of these petitions have anything to do with terrorism or
violence; they are simply being used to silence anyone who criticizes Israel, a
country built at the expense of destroying the Palestinian’s. Israel, which was
considered by a 60% of European countries survey a few months ago, as the most
dangerous for peace. I might add Israel is the number one terrorist state which
are using the same tactics found in the Old Testament particularly in Joshua
killing civilians, pulling trees, assassinations, etc. I don’t believe this was
ever ordered by God but by fanatical Rabbis just like Ariel Sharon and his
henchmen are doing to the Palestinians. If you are truly against violence why
don’t you go to the root of the cause of violence? Petitioning the United
Nations and the US government to pressure the Israeli’s to get out of
Palestinian territories. Why don’t you criticize the US Government and Congress
for this despicable act against the International Tribunal which ruled that this
racist wall had stolen over 6% of Palestinian land.

However let me answer your false accusation against Al-Qardhawi. I watched him
yesterday between 10:30 – 12 noon, in the very famous program from Al Jezeera
which comes every Sunday at the same time. I have been watching him for over 4
years trying not to miss one single program as it is one of the best programs a
have ever seen. I have never spoken with him, or met him, though I participated
sometimes on the air making some comments or asking questions. What your are
saying in your statement is fabrications and lies and this amounts to liable and
slander. He never said what you are stating in your petition, because I am aware
of this, even yesterday they asked him about many contravercial issues including
Muslim intellectuals who are considered apostates and should be killed. He
mentioned different opinion scholars regarding this subject which is not what
you are mentioning in your petition, and this is very well demontstrated in
Islamic history and you will find this subject in one of his books, to say that
he issued a fatwa permitting fetuses (unborn Jews) to be killed so they wont go
into to the Israeli army when they are adults, or permitting the killing of
American civilians is outrageous as I will be the first and stand up against
this fatwa, so you should be ashamed of yourself and those who organized this
petition Jawad Hashim, Lafif Lakhdar and Shakir Al-Nabulsi, who happens to be
from the same background as myself.

I have seen some of them on Al-Jazeera programs, they are very superficial, who
try to portray themselves as being intellectuals, as I feel they are repeating
what the Jewish Zionists are saying like parrots. I am going to send your
petition statement and my reply to Sheikh Yousif Al-Qardhawi and encourage him
to file a multi million dollar lawsuit here in the US court for slander. I’ll be
delighted to help him find a top lawyer who will be happy to defend his honor.
Don’t you know that the report of the Rand Corporation, and Secretary Colin
Powell praised the Sheikh for his moderation, as he was the first one among
those prominent Muslims scholars to come out in public and condemn the 911

Are you aware that this is the same Sheikh who went to Afghanistan trying to
persuade the Taliban not to destroy the Buddha Statues as destroying them was
not in conformity with Islam. Have you read any of his 50 books? Most of them
are translated into English. It is a conspiracy to silence anybody who
criticizes Israel. I am afraid that if we do not stand up that those of us who
have the courage to point fingers at this horrible state that our first
amendment right as American citizens will be restricted because you know very
well that the Pro-Israeli or the American Jewish Zionists are the ones who
control the news media, and the American Foreign Policy in this country
regarding Israel and the Arab and the Muslim world. I challenge you to send this
reply to all members of your organizations and their supporters, and you can
expect an answer from the Sheikh and from the Muslim-Arab, and Palestinian

I am putting my name with all of my degrees to show all of those Intellectuals
and Doctors that I am not a camel driver coming from nowhere.


Mohammad Said MD, DPH, PHD, Board Certified in Family Practice, Internal
Medicine, and Geriatrics, a candidate for US Senate 2006, the founder and

Quoting Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism :

> Sign Petition to Punish Religious Leaders who Preach Violence and
> Justify Terrorism
> The Free Muslims Against Terrorism (Free Muslims) have partnered with
> progressive Arabs and Muslims to hold religious leaders accountable for
> justifying violence and encouraging terrorism.
> The Free Muslims are petitioning the UN Security Council and the United
> States government to establish an international tribunal to prosecute
> religious leaders, including clerics who issue “fatwas” which are
> religious opinions, edicts, rulings and conclusions that incite violence
> and justify the use of terrorism. These religious leaders are
> especially dangerous because some of their followers consider their
> opinions to be gospel.
> This petition is a follow up to the recently adopted UN Resolution 1566
> that reads in part:
> “…[A]ll members of the Security Council to consider and submit
> recommendations… on practical measures to be imposed upon, individuals
> … involved in or associated with terrorist activities…bringing them to
> justice through prosecution or extradition, freezing of their financial
> assets…”
> It is crucial to hold these religious leaders accountable because most
> terrorists who kill in the name of Islam rely on the fatwas and
> conclusions of these religious leaders to convince themselves that they
> are going to heaven after their death.
> The Following is an example of a Fatwa that encourages terrorism:
> Sheikh Yousif Al-Qardhawi issued a Fatwa permitting the killing of
> “fetuses” (unborn) Jews, because (according to him) when Jews are
> born and grown-up they will join the Israeli army. Furthermore, on
> September 3, 2004, (at the Egyptian Journalist Union) Al-Qardhawi
> issued a fatwa to kill all American civilians working in Iraq. And
> on July 3, 2004, he issued another fatwa permitting the killing of
> Muslim intellectuals as being apostates, claiming that Islam
> justifies the killing of such apostates.
> These extremist clerics continue to issue fatwas that incite terrorism
> under the false umbrella of Islam. Join us in stopping these religious
> leaders by signing this petition requesting the U.N. to create an
> International Tribunal to prosecute them.
> This petition has been organized by Dr. Jawad Hashim (Iraq’s former
> Minister of Planning), Lafif Lakhdar (A Tunisian Intellectual), and Dr.
> Shakir Al-Nabulsi (A Jordanian writer and author). The Free Muslims
> Against Terrorism has joined this effort and we seek 20,000 people to
> sign this petition. More than 3,000 people have already signed.
> All people are invited to sign this petition by sending your name,
> profession, country of residence and nationality to
> and cc: Write “petition” in the subject line.
> For more information visit our website at: