Sequim Bellingham Statement

Dr. Mohammad Said for U.S. Senate News Statement to
Bellingham Herald and the Sequim Gazette, 500 word limit posted in voters guide and emailed to other News Media
August 17, 2004

As a Palestinian-Arab-Muslim American and proud member of this mosaic society and practicing physician involved in politics, it is my view that politicians should serve the people, be intelligent, knowledgeable, courageous with integrity; traits lacking in many politicians. I have been an active democrat all my life, running for public office, including the democratic primary for governor, (1996), representing the state on the national platform committee, (1988). I attempted to run for U.S senate, (1992), however, I withdrew at Rainbow Coalition meeting in Seattle, giving Patty Murray endorsement.
I am conservative on family, social, federal-state issues, liberal on environment, defense, foreign policy etc…. Our major threats are within us; lack of civility, alcoholism, family disintegration, moral & ethical decline. My present platforms which I myself drafted, and adopted by our caucus on February 7, 2004, calls for universal basic healthcare, withdrawal from Iraq, a time table, making the cost of our involvement a loan to the Iraqi government, at the same time compensating Iraqi victims of the war/embargo; revising the Patriot Act so it won’t conflict with American civil rights, amendment to the Constitution Article I, Section 8, so that foreign commerce is delegated to individual states, and the War Powers Act to be approved by state legislatures instead of Congress.
Most important is the resolution calling for one-state in historic Palestine including Israel, where Jews, Muslims, and Christians can live in a secular, united country like ours. I came to this conclusion after more than thirty years of political analysis and contacts on the ground throughout the Arab-Muslim world, including the Palestinians. I believe the Two-State Resolution, Oslo accord, Road Map etc., won’t resolve the conflict. The Israelis and the Palestinians (the little super powers) have their own agendas, with the Arab-Muslim world supporting the Palestinians contrasting with Jews around the world influencing the west, particularly the United States, in support of the Israelis. Watching international news, I see how the Israeli’s brutalize the Palestinians, and see parallels in the Old Testament how my ancestors were destroyed by theirs. (Num. 31; Deut. 3, 7 and 20; and Joshua 6 and 10 etc…). This might lead into a religious-cultural war, clash of civilizations.
Some of our leaders say they hate us because of our freedom and way of life. The fact is that the vast majority of the 1.5 billion Muslims including 350 million Arabs feel the U.S. is being used as proxy by Israel to dominate the Arab-Muslim World, like invasion of Iraq as Senator Hollings of South Carolina and General Antony Zinnie declared. This is the real cause of animosity against the United States. We have spent trillions of dollars and suffered countless loss of life on Israel’s behalf since it was founded in 1948, at the expense of the Palestinians. We need to invest this money in our own domestic programs. It is time to remove both Israel and the dictatorships of the Arab Governments from U.S. foreign policy. We need to wipe our hands clean.