League of Women Voters/Seattle PI (August 17, 2004)

Questionaire from the League of Women Voters/Seattle PI
August 17,2004

1. What would your No. 1 priority be as a U.S. senator?

Introduce a one state solution for Palestine/Israel where Muslims, Jews and Christians can live in a secular, united country like ours. This will reflect positively on the U.S. not only by cutting defense spending, but also by cutting the funds we spend towards keeping Israel safe. We have a foreign policy of bribing countries that stand against Israel. We give countries such as Jordan and Egypt billions to keep peace treaties with Israel alive. This change in policy will discourage extremists from committing harmful acts against our country and save more money by cutting down on homeland security. 98 WORDS

2. Experts say the Social Security system is going broke. Would you favor raising the age at which people could receive benefits, and if not, what would you do to ensure that Social Security still works?

1) Make a small percentage of an individual’s social security available for investment. This would allow the worker to invest it, create added revenue and plan future growth.
2) Delay retirement to 70 years of age considering that in our day and age people are living longer and the quality of life has improved. We should make this delay of retirement an option rather than an obligation.
3) Increase contributions of employers to social security from matching an employee’s contribution of 100% to 150%. 84 WORDS

3. Would you favor continued funding of the U.S. military presence in Iraq even without support from the United Nations? And if so, do you think there should be a timeline for the troops’ return to this country?

Iraq was not threatening our nation, had no WMDs and would give the U.S. guarantee that no violence would come from Iraq now or in the future against the U.S., Iraq would call for new elections where Sadam Hussein would not be a candidate; I was personally involved in this. I have evidence that the strongest reason for the war was protecting Israel. We should commit to one year timeline for our troops. We should always intervene with the U.N. The cost of war should be a loan to Iraq and compensation to the Iraqi civilians of war and embargo. 203 WORDS

4. What are your plans to ensure federal funding for state and local transportation priorities? What are your priorities?

Two solutions are available.
1) Instituting tolls on major freeways and highways. This will financially target those who are mostly using the roads and those who are responsible for congestion. Also, this encourages drivers to carpool and find alternative routes and transportation. The money from the tolls can be used to improve road conditions.

2) We can double the taxes on alcohol and tobacco and use this money for solving the congestion and road issues. 75 WORDS

Community Involvement: As a doctor of 22 years he has been involved in civic and health related programs and issues. He was a member of the Rotary Club and at the present time the Moose and Eagles Clubs.

Endorsements: Pending

Degrees/Education: M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Masters of Public Health), M.A.C.P (Member American College of Physicians), Diplomat American Board of Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Geriatrics