Candidate for President of Palestine 2004 (english)

*This rough translation by a friend from Ramallah will be edited by Dr. Said.

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

Wednesday 1st of December 2004
11:00 (Seattle) – 9:00 (Jerusalem)

Although my application arrived 3 hours before the deadline, I was disqualified because of the Oslo Agreement.

From Dr. Mohammad Hasan Said (Al-Burini) Palestinian American Activist / Candinate for the Palestinian Authority Presidency, to the Arab Media – Elections Committee Office, Office of President Fattouh, Abu Al-Alaa’, Abu Mazen, and others.

After dependence on God, and after a deep analysis regarding the Palestinian Issue in the American arena, and the importance of Conveying the striving Palestinian Voice to the American People, and due to the importance of the Media and Public Relations, I have decided to run the Elections Campaign of the Palestinian Authority Presidency for the following reasons:

1. The Palestinian in the Diaspora has the right of voting and candidacy as is my case. This emphasizes their right of Return. This is in reply to the Israeli Law of Return which allows every immigrant Jew to obtain the Israeli Nationality which is the basis of his arrival in Palestine.

2. It is the right of whoever was born in Palestine as I was born in Haifa on 22/10/1938, to have Candidacy for the most senior position. This right is given by all states including America which gives it to everyone born in it.

3. My Electoral Program is based on one state in all historical Palestine in which all citizens: Moslems, Christians and Jews enjoy the right to live in one secular state on equal right. The Democratic Party in my County recognized this right in due to my efforts in April 1990. my electoral Campaign this year for the post of Senator representing Washington State was in this respect. This met with a great support from the American citizens. This is found on my web site in the Internet

4. The demands and claims of the Israelis and Palestinians are opposed to each other and cannot be reconciled. The want a weak Palestinian State beside them as is the case of the Red Indians in their congregations. This state will have no sovereignty over its borders, air space and natural resources without Jerusalem, and the big settlements in the West Bank will remain especially in the Jordan Valley, the Jerusalem Bethelehem and Hebron area. Besides this the disapproval to the right of Return which will not be accepted by the Palestinians. Likewise, the Palestinians demands will not be accepted by the Israelis. The world, including the Europeans, the Security Council, and the United Nations will do nothing so long as the Zionist Lobby is dominating the Media in America and the political decision through their dominance of the Congress and the White House.

5. I had tried to run the Candidacy for the Presidency against Abu Ammar in December 1995 during my travel to Nablus and I was able to abstain the necessary signatures, but the Oslo Accord prevented this.

6. My meeting with Abu Ammar in the period 17/6/2002 – 23/6/2002 and the letters presented to him, and sever criticism of the corruption around him, and my proposal to appoint vice-presidents: Sha’th for the European affairs, Abu Mazen for the Third World, Abu Alaa’ for the Arab and Islamic World, I for American and for other affairs.

He was convinced with my idea and asked me to b wait three days of the mourning for Abu Mazen’s son who died then. He told me that he (Abu Ammar) will issue an executive decision after discussing it with Abu Mazen but unfortunately the Israeli’s besieged the headquarter on 23/6/2002, that is shortly after I left the headquarter. I went the hotel to fetch my personal belongings so to stay in the headquarter, but I could not contact him to obtain the discussion because the head of his office Ramzi Khouri closed all the ways before me, to call him and the matter escalated to encouragement and repulse which made me resort to Shiekh Zaid Hospital, and could not get in contact with him until his death despite my several attempts. The chance of appointing me as his vice-president taking over the American File was of grate importance because of my position in this region and for my experience. It is the only way to challenge.

7. I request President Fattouh to hold to hold an emergency session of the Parliament to grant the rights of voting and candidacy to the Palestinians in the Diaspora, and the right to run for the Presidency to those born in Palestine. This will be widely announced in the Media. Oslo Accords have long been blown up by Sharon and other Israeli leaders. The Legislative Council represents the Palestinian People, but not policeman carrying out the Oslo Accords.

I still remember those nights when I shared supper with the late Abu Ammar: Chicken Soup, melon from Jenin, hone, and Black vegetable condiment, my impression of him was that he was the best at the Headquarters. But those around him aimed only at financial benefits and to shut facts out from his attention. And the top of the list are his Office Head Ramzi Khoury and his Special Advisor Nabil Abu Rdaineh.

Signature of
Dr Mohammad Said (Al-Bourini.)

My Program with all its details will be soon published, and I am ready for any interview or clarification, and will be issued in English to be distributed to the American Media.